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What’s the Difference between a Convection Toaster Oven and a Conventional Toaster Oven?

Convection toaster oven vs conventional toaster oven

Ovens are important in the kitchen because they are essential for our everyday life. Ovens are versatile tools in the kitchen that will not only cook and heat but also perform different purposes such as ceramic making and brick heating for other industries.

Convection toaster oven vs conventional toaster oven

Aside from ceramic making, ovens are also used in creating utensils or objects that are necessary in our households. Because of this, a convection toaster has been invented to focus on tasks such as baking and cooking while conventional toasters are used for toasting and baking as well.

One of the most indispensable kitchen appliances is the toaster. But what are really the differences between the convection ovens and the conventional oven? In choosing toasters you must be honest with yourself while considering other factors that determine the right one.

In order to make the right decision, we must study the similarities and differences between the two types of toasters that will help you select. Choosing the right toaster will be exhausting, but educational.

In this article, you will be learning an in-depth take of the convection and the conventional toasters when it comes to the temperature accuracy, their cooking processes, how they work, and what they are capable of as well as their limitations.

This is just the beginning of choosing the right toaster for you, but this is a big step. The type of toaster will determine your selection for its kinds and brands. Once you’ve already determined the type of toaster you want, you can now choose the best kind under it considering the features, the sizes, and design.

Difference between convection toaster oven and conventional toaster oven

Actually, the two ovens are similar to each other except that a convection toaster has one defining feature, and that is fans. There’s the biggest difference between the two aside from how it looks like.

Conventional ovens, as the small electric ovens have a front door, a removable wire rack, and a removable baking pan.

You can use convection ovens by running in on gas or electric while the toaster oven runs on electricity.

According to differencebetween.info, the fan installed in the convection ovens has one purpose and that is to allow the heat, provided by the gas burner, to circulate throughout the enclosed space. This type of cooking was discovered in 1960s but wasn’t that much popular that time. Right now, it has finally become one of the most prominent cooking styles everywhere.

Fans in the convection ovens push the air to all the parts of the oven and create a stable temperature which is responsible for even cooking. The convection oven became popular because it has the ability to retain juices when roasting meat.

Cooking Times

Convection toaster oven vs conventional toaster oven

The cooking times are also reduced, so you wouldn’t need to worry about the food served later. This way, you can actually save electricity.

Even cooking and temperature are reducing cooking time, allowing the food to cook faster and saves electricity or gas. However, it has said convection ovens dry out baked goods such as cookies, bread, and cake. Today, convection ovens are available as an added feature to normal gas, electric or microwave ovens.

The uses of convection oven include baking, broiling, and grilling while conventional ovens are used for toasting, baking, grilling, and broiling. When it comes to heating, the convection oven uses fans to circulate hot air throughout the oven. The fans ensure the cooking speed will increase and the food is heat evenly. Heating with conventional ovens would require more patience because the electric coils take more time to heat up.

The cooking time is much shorter when using a convection oven compared to a toaster oven because the convection oven uses air flow to reduce cooking time while the toaster ovens take a little more time to cook.

Most Energy Efficient

The most energy efficient toaster among all the toasters is the convection oven because you will cook in shorter period of time and you can save energy. Therefore, your energy bills are also reduced. The conventional oven could save up energy too, but it depends on how often you use the device.


When it comes to health, the convection toaster may be even considerate because it allows the air to circulate inside the enclosed space, therefore heating the food evenly and avoid raw parts of the food left unheated. You wouldn’t want to cause anyone’s stomach an ache from what they ate. The toaster ovens do not guarantee that they can cook your food evenly due to the absences of the fans present in convection ovens.

Temperature accuracy

Temperature accuracy is important in cooking. The temperature in convection toasters are much easier to be managed because the fans automatically do it. The conventional ovens use temperature controls too.

Convection toaster oven vs conventional toaster oven

Benefits and other considerations

When it comes to benefits, the convection ovens are much practical because they cook in a shorter period of time and ensure even cooking of food. You could even switch it back to conventional oven setting.

But if you are traditional, the conventional oven might be for you. They can also perform a variety of cooking options ranging from baking, broiling, roasting, to toasting.

If you have determined the benefits, you must also determine the limitations. Convection ovens are not good for baking goods with moisture. You will need to adjust the temperature according to the setting of the convection oven. If you are following a recipe, it might won’t be as delightful as it could be.

The conventional toaster, on the other hand, can only make limited amount of food. It heats slower, heats unevenly, and cooks slower compares to the convection toasters. For example, if you are a rice lover, you cannot rely on the conventional oven too.

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