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The Best Designer Toasters You can Choose from in Present-day

Best designer toaster

Aesthetically pleasing appliances would always put anyone in a good mood especially if this equipment is in the kitchen. Walking into a kitchen with carefully thought kitchen appliances would lighten up the mood especially during cooking processes.

These designer toasters would blend well with your kitchen style. Whether your kitchen is monochrome, retro, bright, or minimalistic, you will surely find a good selection that will suit your kitchen. If you are not planning to change your toaster yet, these toasters could be a good gift for a friend’s housewarming or to newlyweds.

Best Designer Toaster on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
Smeg 2-Slice Toaster7.6 lbsYes15.5x8.2x8.5 in2 Check Price
KitchenAid Pro Line Series 2-Slice Toaster12.2 lbsYes9.5x15.8x11.3 in2 Check Price
Dualit 2-Slice Design Series Toaster, Black and Steel4.4 lbsYes11.5x6.7x8.1 in2 Check Price
Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Silver & Stainless Steel4.1 lbsYes5.2x14.8x7.8 in2 Check Price
Cuisinart 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster4.3 lbsYes12.3x8.3x9 in2 Check Price

Designer Toaster #1:

  • SMEG is a trusted brand for so many households as they earned their reputation through their durable products. They consider consumer’s needs and wants and customize their designs accordingly.
  • They take pride with their curved and compact products. These toasters are designed with the collaboration of Italian architects from DeepDesign. With the European touch, you could bring home a classic ensemble crafted by European craftsmanship.
  • It guarantees excellent performance in food preparation. The two-slice retro, ‘50s-style toaster offers you a wide selection of colors as it comes in seven different coloring. Housed in powder-coated steel body, you could ensure its durability in the long run.
  • It features a stainless-steel ball lever knob and a backlit chrome knob. With product dimensions of 15.5 x 8.2 x 8.5 inches and weighing 7.6 pounds, it won’t be a bulky mess on the countertop.
  • You could choose your preferred browning shade with its 6 browning levels and you can perform various cooking processes with its 3 pre-set programs. You also wouldn’t worry about bread thickness because it includes 2 extra-wide slots with self-centering racks for even toasting.
  • It is convenient to clean it up after usage because of its removable stainless-steel crumb tray. It includes anti-slip feet and a built-in cord wrap to avoid creating a mess.
  • Are you a fan of sandwiches? If yes, we have good news because a sandwich rack and bun warmer accessories are included in the package.
  • This toaster doesn’t only look good but is made to be smart too. It offers more than its aesthetic look because it hosts other features. You can admire its craftsmanship and at the same, toast your bread effortlessly with this gadget.
  • The product weights 12.2 pounds with dimensions of 9.5 x 15.8 x 11.3 inches. You will not worry about keeping your bread fresh because it has an automatic Keep Warm function that will ensure your toast is warm for up to three minutes.
  • It features self-centering racks for even cooking and you don’t have to worry about getting your hands burned because it will lift the bread slices when it reaches the selected shade. You can choose your preferred shade from 7-shade settings from the lightest to the darkest shade.
  • There is a range of cooking options for your cooking processes such as the Bagel and Frozen functions that will make it easy to toast or defrost bagels and other pastries.
  • It also guarantees customer satisfaction with its five-year limited manufacturer warranty. Be wary of appliances without warranty because you might not know where to find anyone to assist you when your appliance is acting out.
  • The 2-Slice toaster is not only guaranteed stylish but also durable and convenient when you’re cooking.
  • Dualit is another brand that has been trusted in many households to perform the best cooking process. Aside from its good performance, its design is alluring to anyone who will come across with it.
  • Weighing only 4.4 pounds with dimensions of 11.5 x 6.7 x 8.1 inches, the toaster is known for its combination of aesthetics, ergonomics, longevity, and functionality.
  • You can fit as much 2 slices of bread in it per cooking process. Toast as much as you like with it.
  • The aesthetics could surely mesmerize you with its contemporary industrial-inspired look. This could fit into any modern kitchen. Its clean and smooth curves are the perfect finish for this reliable toaster. The Design Series Toaster has its unique development, you can change the panels.
  • The grade elements are truly a wonder, a leap of technology. Aside from its sleek design, you would also find it safe to use because of its peek and pop function that would encourage you to monitor your cooking process without cancelling the whole process.
  • Do you prefer toasting both sides of bagel or crisp it inside? Yes, you can with its Bagel and bun warming facility. There’s also the Defrost function if your desire for a better crunch.
  • Don’t worry about the thickness of your bread because it features extra-wide slots. The toasters also come with a sandwich cage accessory.
  • Silver accents are truly a marvel to appliances. Kitchen appliances were merely just for functionality in the old days, but as the years go by, it becomes more than just a machine. It also becomes part of our lifestyle with their sleek designs.
  • The Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long Toaster is one of these aesthetically pleasing toasters. This toaster would surely be constant piece of the kitchen. Hurry up and display this at your kitchen top.
  • It might look luxurious, but its premium performance and advanced features make it more than just a designer toaster.
  • You can choose your preferred shade with its variable browning control that ranges from 1 as the lightest to 6 as the darkest. You can also choose from different cooking processes such as Bagel function for a perfectly toasted cut side and the Frozen setting to achieve fresh-like results.
  • It ensures warmth with its removable warming rack that heats buns and pastries by attaching it to the top of the toaster. It is easy to clean up after the process due to its removable crumb tray too.
  • As if it doesn’t get better, you can monitor your cooking with the Lift & Look feature without cancelling the whole cooking process. This will prevent burning your food too.
  • The Cuisinart always delights its customers with sleek designs and innovative technology. The state-of-the-art design and durable material make their toaster beloved in many households.
  • It prides itself as producing intuitive and versatile toasters as it combines functionality and aesthetics. The powerful features and digital interface make the gadgets so popular.
  • This toaster allows multiple toasting and also includes a countdown timer that ensures that your food will come out perfectly toasted. It also removes guesswork with its blue backlit LCD countdown feature display. Don’t worry about bread thickness because its slots are 1-1/2-inch wide.
  • It also features the standard functions such as the 7-shade setting that will allow you to choose your preferred shade for your toasts.
  • Housed in stainless steel, it is convenient to clean-up after use, plus it has a removable crumb tray to avoid mess on your kitchen top and it includes a cord wrap underneath it too.
  • The Count Down Cuisinart Toaster brings digital technology and elegant design to your home and delivers perfect results with powerful features such as digital interface, multiple toasting options, and countdown timer.

Sleek designs are on the range

The market is truly bursting of these state-of-the art designs that will surely delight anyone. You would surely love to take one home with you. Pick the right toaster that will fit in your kitchen while considering which will suit your needs and your lifestyle. Consider durability, longevity, and functionality too.

Consider the digital technology that some of these toasters offer such as a LED display or changeable panels. Investing in an innovative technology could be daunting, but it will pay off in the long run because it will make your cooking process easier. Moving towards the next industrial revolution, it may start by simply choosing the most innovative toaster.

And what will be the best designer toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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