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West Bend 77224 2-Slice Toaster: Full Review

West Bend 77224 2 Slice Toaster QuikServe Wide Slot Slide Through

To be honest, I had never given much thought about that a regular toaster should toast fast until a few years ago when I woke up late, couldn’t prepare my breakfast in time, and both my child and I had to get to school and Work (respectively) late.

I only had 5 minutes to have my breakfast, and from the get-go, I knew that would be a failed mission since the Krupps toaster I had at the time took around 4 minutes to deliver four slices of toast.

To ensure I never go through anything similar in the future, I went online, found a list of the fastest toasters, reviewed each one individually, and picked the one I thought was the best of the best. To this date, I can confidently say that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

West Bend 77224 2-Slice Toaster Review

At the time I discovered this masterpiece, I had already tried more expensive and high-end toasters. Honestly, though, I had yet to come across one that could deliver perfectly toasted slices in 90 seconds or less, and that’s exactly what this West Bend 77224 2-Slice Toaster delivers.

Better yet, during my test sessions, I used the unit to whip out more than hundred slices in approximately 2 hours. I aimed to test the unit’s consistency and see whether it could withstand anything thrown in it.

The results? Well, the last slices to go into the unit came out just as delicious and perfectly toasted as the first ones to go in. If that doesn’t make this appliance one of the most reliable toasters out there, I do not know what does.

As the image above shows, the unit also boasts a tray where the readily toasted slices will slide. Like most other regular toasters I’ve reviewed on this site, this unit also boasts a bagel setting, which activates only one side of the heating elements, so the unit can only toast the cut side of bagels.

Have you ever heard of a gluten-free setting? I bet most of you haven’t, but that’s exactly what this masterpiece retails with as well. This setting will toast your slices longer with a lower power, which delivers better results for gluten-free bread slices.

When you’re done using the appliance, pull out the slide-out crumb tray that collects all the dirt and debris, empty its contents into a bin or sink, and wipe it clean using a damp cloth. As you can see, cleaning sessions won’t be a hassle either.

For the once in a while cleaning sessions, check out this guide I recently created on “how to clean your regular toaster.”

Check out this video about the toaster

West Bend 77224 2 Slice Toaster



  • Delivered perfectly toasted slices in less than 90 seconds
  • Boasts a bagel setting that’ll only toast the cut side of your bagels
  • Retails with a dedicated setting for gluten-free bread slices
  • It has a serve tray
  • Easy to clean and use even for beginners
  • Includes a slide-out crumb tray


  • Some reported that the highest browning level burnt their toasts


Were you scouring the internet for a fast toaster that also qualifies as one of the most unique units available in the marketplace? If yes, then this West Bend 77224 2-slice Toaster is still the unit I believe you should go for. When it’s on your kitchen counter, rest assured everyone who walks in there will have something to say about its aesthetic design.

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