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The Best Red Retro Toasters: Tried and Tested in Present-day

Best red retro toaster

I spent more than a week on editing, watching videos, testing, and research to review the best red retro toasters for this blog post. If like me, you love brand new kitchen appliances that are built to resemble something that is a hundred years old, then you have come to the right place.

All these toasters in this collection are red in color, but some of them also retail in a wide array of colors that you can choose from in case you also want to buy the product as a present for someone whose favorite color is not red.

That said, if your kitchen space is currently undergoing a nostalgic makeover, or maybe it was never updated, then one of these masterpieces will, without a doubt, fit right in.

Best Red Retro Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
Swan Retro 2 Slice Toaster Red2 lbsYes6x10x7 in2 Check Price
Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Retro Style Toaster3.7 lbsYes6.7x9.8x7.9 in2 Check Price
Nostalgia Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster3.55 lbsYes18.5x15.3x11.3 in2 Check Price
Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic 4 Slice Toaster, Red7.5 lbsYes16x8.1x8.4 in4 Check Price
Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster, Red3.55 lbsYes13.5x9.1x9.1 in2 Check Price
  • Swan ST19010RN is an amazing pick for those who are looking for a toaster with a simple, but decent construction. This masterpiece boasts a retro design with a high-quality build up and beautiful, large buttons on its front side.
  • The dial allows you to choose from multiple browning levels so everyone you are preparing breakfast for can have their slices exactly the way they love them. The toaster even comes with a reheat, defrost, and cancel function.
  • The product retails with two slots for normal bread slices and also includes a removable crumb tray, which makes it easy to clean.

Notable features:

  • Comes with the reheat, cancel, and defrost functions
  • Boasts LED indicators
  • Nice design that will match any kitchen
  • Includes a removable crumb tray
  • Easy to clean and user-friendly
  • Delivers evenly browned toasties
  • For a modern and stylish, yet retro design toaster, Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Toaster TR9150RDR is an amazing choice. I also instantly fell in love with its cool, red design that is also available in four other colors (black, blue, cream, and white.)
  • The toaster also retails with a unique stainless-steel top that adds subtle interest to your everyday routine. That said, Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Toaster TR9150RDR is not just an old, pretty gadget. This appliance prepared a vast array of bread slices evenly and pretty quickly; and it also did not take up too much space in my kitchen.
  • It also came with all the features that I needed in a retro toaster, including, the reheat, cancel, and frozen settings. It also boasted six different toasting settings and a removable crumb tray that made it easy to clean.

Notable features:

  • Includes a toasting timer that will let you know when your breakfast is ready
  • Comes with a removable warming rack
  • Boasts the lift and look feature
  • Includes the three main functions, the bagel, the frozen, and the cancel setting
  • Multiple browning settings
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • The Nostalgia RTOS200 2 Slice Bagel Toaster managed to get the award for the simplest, yet most powerful toaster in the marketplace today. It is one of the easiest ways to prepare breakfast is to use a toaster, and despite having basic options, the toaster operated very well.
  • It boasts several control buttons at the bottom as well as a simple stainless-steel enclosure covered in chrome accents. At the bottom, this model also includes a removable crumb tray that also makes it easy to clean.
  • It is also fairly compact since it’s a two-slice model, which ensures it does not take too much space on your kitchen counter.

Notable features:

  • A compact design that saves space
  • Better and improved compared to its preceding version
  • The two slots are wide enough to fit English muffins, bagels, artisan bread slices, and more
  • Includes five different browning levels
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray
  • Boasts the advantage of simplicity
  • It is all about aesthetics when we talk about Smeg appliances (its fridges are currently a kitchen icon in the market), and this retro toaster is no different. With its exterior design that springs to my mind the retro American motorhomes from the 50s, you could quickly think it is all style without substance. But I quickly realized that is not the case.
  • Even though it’s small, it also packs a punch with six browning levels. It also comes with a defrost setting, which will come in handy if you have forgotten to take your toasties out of the freezer. And there is also a bagel function that browns just the side that has been cut.
  • The wide slots can cope with standard bread slices as well as wider bread slices carved from an artisan sourdough loaf. The self-centering racks also keep the slices neatly in place.

Notable features:

  • Slots are extra wide
  • Boasts the automatic slice pop up
  • Has six different browning levels
  • Reheat, bagel, and defrost functions are included
  • Includes self-centering racks
  • Even though it is not the most beautiful in this enumeration, you cannot beat the Hamilton Beach 22812 when it comes to its ability to blend in with any kitchen design. You do not have to sacrifice anything when it is time to make a perfectly browned piece of bagel or a slice of bread.
  • This was one of the few toasters in this enumeration that was able to turn out more than five matching batches of toasties one after the other. When you are making small meals such as English muffins, ensure you remember to use the lever to raise it above the hot slots, so you do not burn your fingers.
  • It’s defrosting, bagel, and keep warm buttons are also very nicely marked to ensure they are easy to select.

Notable features:

  • Comes with the cancel, defrost, and bagel function
  • Retractable Cord
  • Also includes a warm mode that’ll keep the toast in until you’re ready
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly


I hope my review helped you to be in a better position to choose the best red retro toaster for your kitchen. In case you’ve read through the post but are still having trouble picking one among the five, I recommend you to try out Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Toaster TR9150RDR.

I found that this toaster strikes the best balance between performance, style, size, functionality, and versatility. It is also the best if you want more flexibility.

And what will be the best red retro toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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