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5 Best Industrial Toasters – Best-selling and top rated industrial toasters in 2021

Best industrial toaster

If you are contemplating on starting (or already own) a restaurant/catering company, then the best industrial toaster is an essential piece of equipment that you’ll have to acquire. Having said that, I understand the main worry most individuals have when it comes to picking the appliance.
The market is currently filled with lots of products, and you would think that makes one’s selection process easier, but it doesn’t. In fact, it does the exact opposite.
Each one of those toasters you’ll come across have branded themselves “the best or No. 1 industrial toaster in the world”, which makes it hard for you to separate the chaff from the wheat.
For this reason, I decided to start off before you and try out lots of different products so all you will have to do is go through my enumeration and pick the one that best fits your needs and preferences. Worry not, because while coming up with this list, I considered all essential factors including, but not limited to a toaster’s durability, ability to deliver evenly toasted slices that will make the customers leaving your restaurant cheerful in the morning, as well as the ability to deliver consistent results even after hours of using the appliance in one period.
I know perfection will be demanded in your business’ kitchen environment, and these tools will help you attain just that.
Without wasting any more of your time, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at the best industrial toasters today.

The Top 5 Industrial Toaster in 2021

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
VEVOR 110V Commercial Conveyor Toaster 35 lbsYes21.6x16.9x16.1 inn/a Check Price
Hamilton Beach 4 slice toaster6.1 lbsYes12.2x8.4x12.4 in4 Check Price
Waring 450 Slices/Hr Commercial Toaster29.7 lbsYes18.5x15.5x13.5 inn/a Check Price
Cuisinart 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster7.1 lbsYes12.6x12.3x9 in4 Check Price
APW Wyott AT EXPRESS Conveyor Toaster14 lbsYes6x60x2.5 inn/a Check Price

Industrial Toaster #1:

  • Upon extensively testing out this conveyor toaster, I came to the conclusion that it’s extremely suitable for any restaurant or cafeteria, thanks to its efficiency. In fact, this is the same feature I noticed hundreds of people on the internet were talking about and I thought, “Maybe some of them were biased”: So I decided to try out the tool myself. Needless to say, it blew my mind.
  • But that was not surprising, given the toaster was manufactured by VEVOR, a respected brand in the realm of kitchen and restaurant appliances.
  • Measuring 7.9” x 22” x 15.2” and weighing approximately 29 pounds, VEVOR Commercial Conveyor Toaster delivers a high toasting consistency, thanks to the fact it’s powered by quartz infrared heaters. It also retails with an easy to control variable speed control knob for the user. This feature will come in handy if your chief chef is a newbie to industrial toasters.
  • In addition to that, this toaster is safe to utilize because the unit utilizes a forced convection feature that makes sure the temperature will be even throughout the time.
  • The toaster’s external surface is also cool to touch. It will serve muffins and bread slices with the perfect temperature as well since the conveyor toaster will drop them (the slices) into a heated holding area after they’ve been sufficiently toasted.
  • Say goodbye to serving cold muffins and bread slices to your customers.

Notable features:

  • Easy to use
  • Drops prepared toasts in a hot place so they never get cold
  • Boasts seven different browning levels to ensure all your customers have their toasties how they love them
  • Cool to the touch, which means it won’t burn you or your chef if you touch it during usage
  • Delivers consistent results even after multiple, consistent uses
  • Durable design

Industrial Toaster #2:

  • The Hamilton Beach 24850 toaster boasts four, extra wide slots, a feature we only find on the highest rated toasters in the market.
  • This four slice toaster also boasts dual controls, which is a perfect feature if you want to toast two distinct shaded bread slices at the same time. This will come in handy if your customers want toasties that have been roasted to different shades.
  • Both sets of slots are wide enough, which allows you to easily toast bagels as well as larger artisan bread slices.
  • Other features included in this appliance are the bagel, defrost, as well as cancel toasting, all of which will, without a doubt come in handy in your business.

Notable features:

  • Will look aesthetic on your kitchen counter
  • Easy to use
  • Deliver’s evenly toasted bread slices
  • The stainless steel housing ensures its durability
  • Extra wide slots that can also fit artisan bread slices
  • This heavy-duty stainless steel conveyor toaster is a great option for those who are just starting out in the realm of restaurants. It boasts a simple to use design and includes a “cool to touch” exterior that protects you and your staff from getting burnt.
  • It also delivers perfectly toasted bread slices pretty fast and will help any kitchen space pick up the pace during those breakfast rushes.
  • The first feature that impressed me is the fact it can deliver 450 slices per hour, and each slice comes out evenly toasted. Isn’t that impressive? You won’t have to keep your customers waiting anymore.
  • Other features that caught my eye are its stainless steel construction, 2-inch opening, and indicator lights that show ready and on. The stainless steel construction is in place to make the tool durable and ensure it keeps serving you for years to come.
  • The 2-inch opening ensures you won’t have trouble passing through thicker bread slices as well as bagels. The indicator lights will let you know when the tool is perfectly heated so you can start dropping down the slices. This last feature is a useful one because things tend to get busy in the kitchen, so in case you are distracted, the toaster will notify you when the meal is done.

Notable features:

  • Sturdy and boasts a heavy duty construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Toasts fast
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can toast 450 slices per hour
  • Cuisinart’s tools are welcomed to any kitchen, and this CPT-435 is perhaps a favorite appliance for most individuals. This is a four slice toaster that will perform well and evenly toasted slices, even after multiple trials.
  • It also retails with all necessary core features required in a toaster, including, but not limited to smooth levers, several heat settings, and even heating. These all allow you to deliver great pieces of toast every time you use this appliance.
  • To top it off, the tool also retails with defrost, reheat, and bagel mode. These are the most vital modes required on a toaster, and as you’ll notice, you will need them frequently in your restaurant.

Notable features:

  • Boasts dual control panels
  • A 2 slice model is also available
  • Includes the three most important features, the bagel, reheating, and defrost mode
  • Stainless design to ensure durability while preventing corrosion
  • The last, but by no means the least toaster in our enumeration is APW Wyott AT EXPRESS Radiant 120V Conveyor Toaster. This top-notch toaster is a well-known kitchen appliance as it does a great job without being overly complicated to operate; even for beginners.
  • In fact, it was among the simplest to operate toasters of all industrial toasters I reviewed while coming up with this list. It also boasts a simple, but sturdy build and is compact, which allows it to save space in your kitchen.
  • The compactness also makes it easy to move around when it is necessary.
  • Another feature worth noting is the stainless steel construction. This makes it sufficiently durable so the toaster can keep serving you and your customers for years to come. Its high-quality build also ensures the tool can handle simple slips and falls without affecting its quality of production and deliverability.
  • When the meal is ready, it is dropped on a holder that will keep it warm until it is ready to serve. We both know everyone hates cold food, so this feature will come in handy.
  • The conveyor’s opening is also large enough to fit thicker bread slices. So even if your customers are fans of artisan or homemade bread slices, this APW Wyott product has got them covered.

Notable features:

  • Compact
  • Adjustable speed
  • Can fit bread slices of different shapes and sizes
  • Very safe to use
  • Long lasting and durable


There you have it, my short list of the best industrial toasters in the marketplace today. If you still have a hard time making and picking one of the five, allow me to help you out. My personal favorite was the VEVOR Commercial Conveyor Toaster.

This industrial toaster managed to combine simplicity, reliability, and efficiency; which are the features every restaurant owner should strive for when choosing the best industrial toaster. On the other hand, if you already found an industrial toaster that you love, go ahead place an order, and keep your customers happy for years to come.

And what will be the best industrial toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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