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The Best Slide Through Toasters for Your Kitchen in Present-day

Best slide through toaster

Over the years, kitchen spaces are considerably becoming narrower especially with the increase of living in condominiums or in apartments. With this consideration, it is logical to purchase and use smaller appliances to fit in the kitchen. Large appliances can create an unnecessary bulk.

Some homeowners have decided to do away with certain appliances to save space just like a washing machine and merely request their laundry done at the shop. But there are appliances that you cannot do away such as a toaster. There is more to eating than just some pizza that you’re willing to indulge in again. Though there is nothing wrong with eating pizza, it might be better to toast some bread in the morning for a delicious breakfast.

In this article, you’ll be able to choose the best slide through toaster that will surely guarantee superior performance and are housed with elegant style. With slide through feature, they are space saver for the kitchen. With these brands, we also present the latest innovations that you would surely love. The appliance industry has never been more innovative than ever. With customer satisfaction in mind, toasters are not designed for cooking anymore, it is also designed for innovative features for convenience.

Best Slide Through Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
West Bend Quik Serve, Slide Through, Toaster3.75 lbsYes4.5x14.25x10.75 in2 Check Price
West Bend 77222 Quick Serve Wide Slot Toaster4 lbsYes4.5x14.25x10.75 in2 Check Price
West BendQuick Serve Toaster, Black4.5 lbsYes6x15x10 in2 Check Price
  • Cooking is made convenient and safer with the West Bend Quik Serve Slide Through Toaster because it guarantees perfectly made breakfasts without burning your fingers. This toaster allows you to conveniently drop your bread into its extra-wide slots.
  • You can choose from 6-shade settings to get your preferred shade. With its name, you can guess that it performs browning in a very short period of time. Its special features include presenting your well-done toast through a sliding tray at the bottom. With this way, you wouldn’t be reaching further to retrieve the slices. Though it guarantees to cook your toast in a short time, it doesn’t mean that it won’t produce a good toast. It prides itself with the best toast that you can serve.
  • You can easily clean this toaster after using because of its removable sliding tray that you can also fold for storage. It is durably housed with a cool-touch design that you can easily wipe clean in seconds. It also includes storage for the slightly used cords to avoid mess.

Slide Through Toaster #2:

  • Making toast has never been easier with the West Bend Slide Thru 77222 toaster as it guarantees even browning with its 6-shade browning control. It features two slots for your bread and allows you to choose 1 or 2-sided toasting.
  • Once you’re done with the toasting, the machine slides down the bread to the fold-out tray, so you may retrieve it conveniently without causing any burns to your fingers.
  • It is also convenient to clean this machine because you can easily remove the tray. Other features include the cancel button with which you can conveniently stop the process anytime. It is housed with a cool-touch plastic design that would prevent getting your skin burned when you are in the near. It is important to have a cool-touch feature especially if you have children around. Having kids around the kitchen can be dangerous, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them safe. With the cool-touch exterior, it will be safe for children to be around you in the kitchen and even retrieve their toast.
  • It won’t be difficult to place it in your kitchen because it doesn’t need too much space to fit with its compact design. But you have to make sure that you’re storing it in a safe place. A safe place means it isn’t being confined in tight spaces or if it isn’t vulnerable under objects that might fall on top of it. The toaster, just like any other appliances, has a sensitive exterior case.
  • Another best thing that this toaster states, is that the manufacturer is also prompt when it comes to delivering products to their customers.

Slide Through Toaster #3:

  • Presented by Focus Electrics, LLC, the West Bend Quick Serve is a toaster that guarantees functionality and design at the same time. The cooking process is done as fast as fast as 90 seconds and browns the toast correctly and perfectly. It presents the finished toast with a slide through at the bottom tray. With the promise of cooking just in minutes, you wouldn’t need to go out of the house without a proper breakfast. Without breakfast, your stomach is vulnerable to complications such as stomach ulcers and hyperacidity especially if you drink coffee instead of eating breakfast. Though you wouldn’t need to sacrifice your coffee once you’ve already ate a toast.
  • The toaster is elegantly designed that would look perfect on any kitchen top. Its aesthetics match with its functionality. The removable tray also functions as a crumb tray that will make cleaning convenient by simply removing it. The removable tray could also be used as a breakfast plate after the toast is finished.
  • The UL-listed Quik-Serve toaster takes pride in its durable construction that is essential for a variety of purposes such as using in a sophisticated hotel room. The sleek design would surely become an allure at a stylish kitchen.
  • The toaster has a single long slot that can accommodate two pieces of bread. It is truly unique because with its single long slot, it keeps the toaster’s size narrow, therefore is responsible for the compact design. Although its design is compact, it doesn’t mean that its performance is nothing but the best.
  • It is housed with a strong plastic housing that features a cool-touch exterior to avoid accidental burns. The one-inch wide slot has enough space for all types and sizes of bread. The electronic controls guarantee perfect toasting where you can choose from six-shade levels.
  • It features a cancel button that allows you to stop the cooking process with just one press. The bagel setting would also allow you to merely toast the top. Upon finishing the cooking process, you can remove the tray for cleaning, folding, or storing. The unit includes a cord storage not to create a nuisance in the kitchen. When buying a toaster, you should always ensure that it comes with a cord storage.
  • Weighing 4.5 pounds with dimensions of 6 x 15 x 10 inches, it works at 1400 watts and 120 volts and has a one-year limited warranty that will surely become an essential appliance on your kitchen top.

Practical and functional

The slide through feature of these unique toasters is futuristic, trendy, and advanced. Aside from the alluring feature, you can also save some space in the kitchen with its compact design. You wouldn’t need to do away with a toaster even if your apartment is tiny. The compact design would surely adjust to the limited kitchen space. Getting one of these would surely become a good investment for the future that will take care of your cooking needs.

Slide through toasters would also be alluring to the modern person because it promotes how the manufacturers are willing to go the extra mile in becoming even more creative and innovative with their features and their design. These innovations’ aesthetics and performance are surely outstanding.

And what will be the best slide through toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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