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The 6 Best Retro Toaster Ovens of 2021: Top Rated Models

Best retro toaster oven

The world of cooking appliances has changed a lot since its humble beginnings. Not only has the general technology advanced, but also the designs and cooking settings have become complex over time. That said, while all these new upgrades to cooking appliances are desired and necessary, sometimes it’s nice to revisit some of the older designs that introduced us into the realm of cooking in the first place, and that is what inspired me to create this guide on the best toaster ovens with retro designs.

Also, given I do understand that modern settings and functions are necessary, so I decided to settle on a middle ground and find toaster ovens with retro designs but futuristic cooking settings. Without further ado, let’s skip to the main section and look at the best retro toaster ovens money can buy today.

The Top 6 Best Retro Toaster Ovens in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Retro Convection Toaster Oven20.2 lbsYes18.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 in4 Check Price
Sengoku SET-G16A(K) HeatMate Toaster Oven16.32 lbsYes13.75 x 13.5 x 9.75 in4 Check Price
BALMUDA The Toaster10.2 lbsYes14.1 x 12.6 x 8.2 in4 Check Price
Family Size Electric Breakfast Station13.97 lbsYes11.5 x 19.25 x 12 in4 Check Price
COMFEE' Toaster Oven7.78 lbsYes16.25 x 13 x 10 in4 Check Price
Luby Convection Toaster Oven17.56 lbsYes17.91 x 11.02 x 11.22 in4 Check Price

Retro Toaster Oven #1:

  • If you have a loved one’s wedding or party coming up real soon and are looking for the best retro unit that also qualifies as the best gift toaster oven, then this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Toaster Oven could be what you’re looking for.
  • Not only will the sleek design complement any kitchen interior décor, but the appliance also retails in two different colors, Aqua and Red. This implies that if you like the unit you acquire, you can get the other colored model for the loved one as a gift (if that is their favorite color.) This product doesn’t disappoint in the toasting department either. It’s a multifunctioning toaster oven that will allow you to choose from broil, bake, toast, and convection bake settings. The indicator light will keep you posted on the setting the appliance is currently on.
  • In addition to that, it has also been fitted with a 60-minute timer, an auto shut off feature, and a temperature range from 200 to 450°f. When the period you’ve set using the timer runs out, the appliance will instantly switch off, so it doesn’t overcook your food. And if you’re too far from it to retrieve your meal, the appliance has also been perfectly insulated so all the hot air can be trapped inside. This should keep your food warm until you’re ready to retrieve it. Another feature of the appliance worth noting is its clear view window. After testing it, I gifted it to my niece (who had never used a toaster oven before) as a birthday present and the see-through window comes in handy. If she notices through it that the food has been sufficiently cooked, but the timer hasn’t run out, she can feel free to switch off the appliance mid-operation and get out her delicacy.

Notable features:

  • Has a wide temperature range
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its removable crumb tray
  • Retails in two different colors
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Boasts a see-through window
  • Multi-purpose
  • The power cord is sufficiently long

Retro Toaster Oven #2:

  • If you’re short on space and are also looking for a retro unit that also qualifies as one of the best compact toaster ovens, then allow me to introduce you the Elite ERO-2600XBL. This toaster oven snuggly fit on a small space I had set aside for it on my kitchen counter.
  • I also tested it in several other kitchens with different indoor decors, and it complemented all of them, thanks to its sleek design and simple color combination. Also, just like the previous model above, this unit didn’t disappoint in the toasting department. When the appliance arrived from Amazon, the first thing I did was go out, acquiring more than 30 loaves of bread, and decided to toast every single slice using the appliance – back-to-back without letting the toaster oven rest. The last slice to go in came out just as perfectly and evenly toasted as the first one to go in.

Notable features:

  • Consistent with its results
  • Allows you to choose easily from stepless thermostat
  • Designed with a natural convection technology
  • Fitted with an indicator light and a timer
  • Interior spacious enough to handle a small family’s needs
  • Will look aesthetic on any kitchen counter

Retro Toaster Oven #3:

  • I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t planning on including this masterpiece in this enumeration. My daughter walked into my office while I was reviewing the product online, and after falling in love with its design, started begging to order it. After a short back and forth, I finally caved, but that’s mainly because I had a new idea in mind. If I tested the appliance and didn’t like its performance, I was going to gift it to her as a present during her upcoming birthday. After all, she’s the one who wanted it in the first place, not me.
  • That said, the fact the appliance is in this enumeration implies that its performance exceeded my expectations. During the testing sessions, the appliance stayed on for hours, and its performance didn’t decline once. Better yet, after all that period while it was on, its exterior surface didn’t get hot one bit either. This will come in handy because I have clumsy people in my household, and if any of them comes into contact with the toaster oven while it’s operating, I can rest assured that they won’t sustain any serious burn injuries.
  • BALMUDA Steam Toaster Oven also boasts high-quality heating elements that will deliver your meals in a timely manner. It was able to evenly and perfectly toast artisan bread slices in less than three minutes, which is honestly faster than some of the fastest toaster ovens I’ve had the pleasure of testing.

Notable features:

  • Has a unique design
  • Its heating elements are of the highest quality
  • Retails in three different colors
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • The feet are anti-skid even on wet surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Delivers delicious meals
  • Spacious interior

Retro Toaster Oven #4:

  • If like me, you’re a cooking aficionado, then I’m certain this appliance’s image just gave you goosebumps. As you can tell from the image above, the tool can toast your slices, brew four cups of coffee, and cook eggs – all at the same time. If that doesn’t make it one of the best versatile toaster ovens, I do not know what will. All these cooking settings perform fast as well. I was able to use the appliance to prepare a full breakfast in less than five minutes, which is perfect because everyone in my household always leaves early in the morning.
  • What’s more? All these settings have been inbuilt in this unit so it can save space on your kitchen counter. So, if you like traveling, have a small kitchen, or want a unit for your camper/RV, then this compact unit will please you.
  • The only downside I could find on the appliance is the fact its griddle at the top gets excessively hot during operations, and if you forget to close the lid while it’s working, then anyone who comes into contact with it will likely sustain serious burn injuries. Make sure you always keep it closed.

Notable features:

  • Retails in two different colors
  • Can prepare three different meals at the same time
  • Compact to save kitchen counter space
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The package from Amazon will include accessories that will improve your flexibility
  • Cooks fast

Retro Toaster Oven #5:

  • The first thing that attracted my attention while reviewing this masterpiece from Comfee’ was its one-year product warranty. If you’ve been acquiring kitchen appliances for a while, then you know that this isn’t a common feature on toaster ovens. In addition to its product warranty, the manufacturing company also offers its buyers 24/7 customer service. So, if the unit you’ve acquired runs into any issues, you can feel free to call the company at any time and rest assured that someone will pick up to help you out.
  • Comfee’ CFO-BB102 Toaster Oven also retails with a removable crumb tray that makes it easy to clean. This part of the tool will collect all the dirt and debris that fall off of your cooked meals. And to clean it, all you ought to do is take it out, empty its contents, and wipe it clean using a damp cloth. Sometimes, however, you’ll need to thoroughly clean all your kitchen appliances. When that time comes, use this guide to learn how to clean the interior of your toaster oven.
  • Another feature of the appliance worth noting is the fact it retails in three different colors. Not only does this increase your chances of acquiring it in a color that complements your kitchen interior décor, but it also makes it the perfect gift option (for the reasons I explained earlier.)

Notable features:

  • Backed by a 1-year product warranty
  • Retails in three different colors
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Boasts a 30-minute built-in timer
  • Versatile
  • Looks aesthetic on the kitchen counter
  • The power cord is sufficiently long

Retro Toaster Oven #6:

  • Luby Convection Toaster Oven’s unique selling proposition is obvious just from its name. The unit has been fitted with a convection setting, which implies that unlike regular toaster ovens, this one boasts an inbuilt fan that will blow hot air around inside the oven for fast and even cooking.
  • This has been backed up by a wide temperature range and a 60-minute timer that will allow you to set the specific period you think it will take your meals to be ready. When the time you’ve set runs out, the appliance will automatically shut off and let out a ready bell signall to notify you wherever you are.

Notable features:

  • Boasts an aesthetic design
  • Has a spacious interior design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a convection setting
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Cooks fast


I went above and beyond while testing each toaster oven from the review above, so whichever model you pick, you can rest assured it will meet, or even exceed your cooking needs and requirements. And if I were to pick one unit from the list, I would definitely choose the first one, Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Toaster Oven. The unit is easy to use for beginners, is reliable, versatile, and consistent with its results. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know how much you like it.

And what will be the best retro toaster oven in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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