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Would You Need a Toaster Oven or a Gas Oven?

Toaster oven vs gas oven

Choosing appliances must be well thought over. It is not just buying a candy bar where you can spit the candy when it tastes sour. Save yourself and the store from the hassle of returning appliances when you realize that you don’t actually need or want that certain appliance.

Think what kind of stove would actually last for a long period of time. The stove is one of the most indispensable kitchen appliances that you cannot do away except if you are following a strict food diet then you will need the oven to cook your food. An oven ensures that your food is heated evenly.

There are a variety of ovens in the market that you can choose from such as toaster oven vs gas oven. In this article, you can explore the difference between the toaster oven and the gas oven.

There are many differences that these two types entail when it comes to size, function, energy efficiency, and others.

Toaster oven vs gas oven

The difference when it comes to installation

Some appliances need to be installed, but a toaster oven doesn’t require this process. You can move it from one counter to the other and then plug in to actually use it especially if you have many appliances in the kitchen that tend to get crowded on the countertop, so you can keep the toaster away from it.

But for most gas ovens, you will need a professional installation especially if you are installing it on the wall. Professional installation guarantees that your appliance is at a level, can be plugged in correctly, and might be vented. Wall ovens would need a built-in cabinet to hold them too. Considering these features and requirements, a toaster oven might be a wiser pick because of its flexibility.

The difference when it comes to size

For many years, the gas oven would occupy a considerable amount of space in the kitchen. Due to the smaller homes nowadays, it isn’t too practical to buy a gas oven anymore. Because of this, toaster ovens became popular with its smaller size that could be easily placed on top of the counter.

Consider the most energy efficient toaster you can get

Saving a few dollars from the electricity bill actually begins with the type of appliance that you are using. When it comes to ovens, the one that is more efficient is the toaster oven because its smaller size tends to use less than half the amount of energy than any other electric oven might use.

Toaster oven vs gas oven

A toaster oven can accommodate a huge variety of food starting from muffins to different kind of meats. But when you will need to cook for a dinner party, the toaster oven may not be ideal choice, because the gas oven can accommodate a greater variety of dishes.

The difference when it comes to which cooks faster

You wouldn’t need a lot space for a toaster oven because you can simply tuck it inside a cabinet or put away in the pantry when you’re not using it. When it comes to cooking times, the gas ovens are better insulated, which leads to the faster rising temperature and better heat keeping. But cooking times are always different from one toaster to the other.

Other differences to consider

During really warm weathers, many would prefer a toaster oven instead of a gas oven because they produce less heat unlike the gas ovens that emits more all over the kitchen.

If you prefer cooking various methods, it is best to cook with a conventional oven because they can work with electricity, gas, or propane while the toaster oven merely works with electricity. In case of a blackout, the gas oven can still be used, but the toaster oven will not work anymore.

Similarities for both ovens

Convection is more affordable for toaster ovens while it’s more expensive when it comes to gas ovens.

Convection means the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in transfer of heat. This ensures that the food will be evenly heated.

Another similarity that these two ovens share, is that you can choose where you want to stock both toasters. For example, with toaster ovens, you can decide to store them in fixed racks, but be careful with a fewer rack position because it provides less flexibility. Less flexibility can cause food burning. With conventional ovens, you can synchronize your cooking needs with how it is placed either horizontally or vertically.


Indeed, buying appliances can be tricky especially when it comes to toasters. But with this guide, you will surely pick the perfect oven for your needs. You can either get a toaster oven that you can move from one place to another or you might want to get the gas oven but will need professional installing and yet can accommodate more food rather than the toaster oven.

In cases of emergency like a storm which can cause blackout, it is wiser to invest in a gas oven because it isn’t working with electricity and can cook food with gas instead of a toaster oven that merely cooks with electricity.

Toaster oven vs gas oven

When it comes to stripping down your electricity bill, it might be wise to invest in the toaster oven because it uses less electricity due to its size.

But if you want a smart kitchen and you have space and money, it is wise to invest in both appliances because each toaster has a purpose. But when it comes to ensuring the durability of your appliances, it will be in your hands.

Taking care of appliances isn’t inconvenient to begin with because you might keep on replacing your appliances if you wouldn’t take extra measure to take care of them. Taking care of appliances could range from not overusing it, stocking them correctly that will not compress them or avoid having objects falling on them, or cleaning them from the bottom to the top.

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