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Microwave Oven vs Toaster Oven – Which is right for you?

Microwave oven vs oven toaster

Before we look at Microwave Oven vs Toaster Oven, you ought to understand that the two are usually used for the same tasks in the kitchen. Both of them can reheat leftovers and cook smaller amounts of food as well as frozen food.

Microwave oven vs oven toaster

This further implies you do not need to have both of them in your kitchen space, particularly if you’re having a smaller kitchen and trying to save on space.

In addition to that, the fact you’re here trying to find out the difference between the microwave oven and the toaster oven means you are slightly confused about which one you should choose. If that’s the case, don’t worry. You have come to the right place.

You will learn how both appliances work and how can they handle distinct key functions. And by the time you’re done reading, you will have known everything there is to learn to ensure you choose the appliance that can meet your needs.

How does the toaster oven work?

In simpler terms, a toaster oven is simply an amalgamation of a microwave and an oven; which implies it can do anything that the two appliances can do. In addition, you will realize that the toaster oven comes with browning capabilities that permit you to brown your toasts in different shades. This is not possible with a microwave oven.

Better yet, some toaster ovens retail with an oven at the bottom and a toaster at the top for convenience. Such toaster ovens also come with different toasting and browning levels that allow you to prepare your meals just how you love them.

Another point worth noting is the fact in the United States, toaster ovens are primarily utilized for baking and toasting, and less frequently for broiling, warming, or defrosting food. In fact, Energy Star also found that 27 percent of households utilize their toaster ovens only to toast, whereas 7 percent use it only for baking.

How does the microwave oven work?

The microwave oven is way different from the toaster oven in multiple ways, but in some other ways, they share lots of the same properties. For instance, the microwave will permit you to cook and warm up meals with minimal effort. However, the same tool won’t be the perfect choice when it comes to toasting your meals or making them crispy.

Microwave Oven vs Toaster Oven

Energy efficiency

Microwaves and toaster ovens generally boast different wattages. In this area, you will find that the microwave oven has a bit of an edge compared to the toaster oven. The average microwave oven utilizes 925 watts, whereas the most energy efficient toaster ovens consume approximately 1225 watts here in the United States.

This implies that the average microwave oven is better than a toaster oven in regard to energy efficiency as it (microwave oven) consumes approximately 20 percent less power.

But on the bright side, I realized that toaster ovens beat microwave ovens in this area. Toaster ovens consume around 1/3 or half of the amount of energy that a microwave oven uses when you’re cooking a small meal.

Toasting and browning

As I just noted in the preceding section, the toaster oven will do a significantly better job when it comes to toasting and browning. Microwave oven had not been designed to have toasting or browning capabilities. They are constructed to heat and cook food.

The toaster oven wins in this regard.

Crispy cooking

Once again, this feature is going to be a second win for the toaster oven since crisping is a feature that experts all around the world are yet to incorporate into a microwave oven. In fact, not only will your family enjoy the browning feature that crisps up meals, but they’ll also appreciate the broiling feature that crisps every meal in a healthy manner.

Microwave oven vs oven toaster


Both appliances can do a great job when it comes to warming but the small differences will depend on the meals you are preparing. If you’re extra keen on the final results, then a microwave oven will do a better job. It heats food by exposing electromagnetic radiation into its interior space.

But if you intend to crisp or brown your warm meal, then the toaster oven is the way to go for you.

Countertop convenience

Toaster ovens are considerably lighter compared to microwave ovens and they’re also much easier to utilize. A toaster oven will also take up way less counter space in your kitchen and won’t require lots of free space around to work. The same cannot be said for a microwave oven.

Cooking time

Microwave ovens and toaster ovens prepare foods differently. Toaster ovens are quite small ovens, which implies they prepare foods using a heating element and prepare the food from the outside just like in an oven.

This method takes a bit longer, but the risk of dehydrating your meal is significantly lower.

Microwave ovens, on the other hand, use microwaves and electromagnetic radiation that heat up all water molecules on the inside at once. This method cuts down the cooking time exponentially. They heat foods quickly and efficiently.

Microwave oven vs oven toaster

Cooking options

Generally, you are going to realize that any meal you can prepare in a microwave, you can prepare in the toaster oven and vice versa. That said, the one you are going to pick will depend on the final results you desire.

They are common kitchen appliances and can cook a variety of foods, but they have limited roles in professional cooking, because the boiling-range temperatures won’t produce the flavorful chemical reactions that frying, baking at high temperature.

A toaster oven can execute a better job with large foods that you would love to be crispy whereas the microwave is easier to operate and way faster.


This is a tough feature to compare because the capacity on a toaster oven and microwave will vary depending on the appliance you decide to acquire. Generally, though, you may find that the toaster oven will do a better job if you’re dealing with larger foods.


These are the main distinctions you should consider when it comes to Microwave Oven vs Toaster Oven comparisons. And if you intend to choose a kitchen appliance that can execute almost every task, including but not limited to toasting and browning, then the toaster oven is the answer you are looking for. In regard to which one is healthier, the toaster oven still takes the lead.

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