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Infrared vs Convection: Which Toaster Oven is better? 3

Infrared vs convection toaster oven

From the dawn of time, small advantages such as less power consumption, a smaller footprint, and quicker shutdown have been key features when choosing the best technological devices: and this is no different when it comes to picking the best cooking appliances. As a result, this implies that companies responsible for designing these cooking tools have to always figure out the most efficient way we can cook the foods we love. Today, we’ll be reviewing two of the newest inventions in the cooking industry: Infrared vs Convection Toaster Oven.

With the incorporation of electricity into most homes all around the globe, came the capability to cook their favorite meals using electric ovens. This new method replaced unreliable and, most of the time, bulky wood-burning ovens in the homes.

Infrared vs convection toaster oven

With time, the traditional electric oven was replaced by more contemporary conveniences. After all, traditional ovens were slow to heat up so, even slower to cook the food. The newer, modern conveniences brought us the use of infrared and convection ovens that can cook meals faster compared to the older methods of cooking.

However, with these two new technologies, a big debate arose regarding what was the difference between them, and which one could cook all our favorite meals better?

Today, I have decided to unwrap it all out here for you and compare infrared and convection ovens, and also see the disadvantages and advantages of both so you can make an informed decision the next time you visit the shop.


Who doesn’t enjoy a quiet home? We already have enough appliances making a significant amount of noise without supplementing them with a noisy toaster oven.

Big, convection toaster ovens make a lot of noise from air and fans turbulence, which may cause safety or health concerns. Infrared toaster ovens, on the other hand, generate less noise thanks to their low air movements inside.

Infrared vs convection toaster oven

Space Saving

Convection toaster ovens are the same size, if not larger, as traditional electric ovens. This is mainly because there are lots of bulky parts contained inside a convection oven. Infrared toaster ovens, however, are way smaller because fewer parts are required to build up the device.

Better yet, infrared toaster ovens are also portable, which implies you can easily move them around inside your kitchen as the space allows. An infrared toaster oven is also compact enough to bring with you on trips or in case it is required in an event you’ll be attending.

Temperature control

An infrared toaster oven is quite smaller compared to a convection toaster oven. And thanks to the small build-design, the heat inside the appliance can concentrate on a way smaller area, which further allows for more even-cooking.

The large space of convection ovens, on the other hand, makes even cooking harder because the temperature is always harder to control if you have a bigger surface area to take into account.


As I just stated in one of the preceding sections, convection toaster ovens contain lots of parts within themselves. As with any other technological device, these parts are bound to be replaced sometime in the future and they can also be pretty expensive to replace. Worst yet, a full maintenance usually requires an utter strip down of the entire oven.

But this is not the case for infrared toaster ovens. They contain fewer parts, and besides the occasional emitter or filter changes, there is comparatively nothing else that you’ll need to replace in the near future.

Infrared toaster ovens are also way cheaper if there is a need of correction, compared to convection ovens. And even if you replace the entire appliance, an infrared oven will still be cheaper.

Which is more energy efficient? Infrared or Convection?

In today’s world, we are all way conscious of the amount of energy we are using. Given the rising costs of fuel in all forms all around the world, we are all looking for alternative ways that’ll reduce our energy consumption.

That said, it goes without saying that convection toaster ovens utilize way more energy compared to infrared ovens. Convection ovens are larger, which means it has to heat up bigger space, which further translates to a larger energy bill.

To top it off, it usually takes way longer for convection toaster ovens to reach the desired temperatures compared to an infrared oven.

Cleanliness in the kitchen

Cleanliness is a prime factor in a person’s kitchen. There are thousands, if not millions of bacteria living in our everyday items, and you being able to sanitize any or all parts of your kitchen easily and quickly hugely cuts down the risk of those you care about getting sick.

Larger convection toaster ovens do retail with several self-cleaning features. One of the features includes allowing the toaster oven to heat up to a relatively high temperature to disinfect the oven’s inner surface.

Infrared vs convection toaster oven

But there is a downside, however. Bear in mind that this high temperature cleaning method will consume a great deal of energy and the sanitization procedure will only disinfect the inner surface.

After some time, dust may start to build up inside the toaster oven, and if you switch on the fan at such times, all the dust may be blown into your food and inside the oven. But most parts used to create an infrared toaster oven are washable. This implies they are easier to clean, and the absence of fans means nothing will blow germs onto your food.


At this point, it’s clear in lots of ways that an infrared toaster oven is way superior that a convection oven. In fact, given the continuously rising costs of energy, more individual will naturally keep on preferring ways that can curb these energy costs.

As of 2019, most ovens in homes are still convection style, but with time, we expect infrared toaster ovens to take lead. I hope this clarifies the infrared vs convection toaster ovens debate for you.

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