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Will You Cook with a Countertop Oven or a Toaster Oven?

Countertop oven vs toaster oven

We purchase appliances for the purposes that serve us, but we must learn how to distinguish which is right to use especially when it comes to ovens.

Ovens come in different sizes, types, shapes, colors, purposes, brands, and even energy use. You can either purchase a countertop oven or a toaster oven depending on what suits you. It is important for you to learn countertop oven vs toaster oven concepts that will help you decide which you will actually need.

It is essential for us to understand the similarities and differences among these types before purchasing an oven because as much as we love toasting bread, baking pastries, and pizza we also love getting the best out of our hard-earned keep.

Different cooking processes

A countertop convection ovenuses hot air that surrounds the food. The process begins with heating the outer parts of the food before heating the interior parts. The whole process uses heat from the hot coils.

The toaster oven, on the other hand, uses hot air and radiant heat in the process of cooking food.

Can I use a toaster oven instead of a countertop oven?

It is easy to distinguish the difference when it comes to the size for both toasters. A toaster oven is much smaller than a convection oven but bigger than a usual bread toaster.

Countertop convection ovens and toaster ovens are used for different cooking purposes. If you lean towards baking, toaster ovens are made for you because it is more convenient to warm foods here such as muffins and bagels than just merely using a traditional toaster.

Countertop oven vs toaster oven

If you regularly heat your food evenly then use convection ovens because with toaster ovens, you might risk burning your food. This is because countertop convection ovens use fan assistance while toaster ovens don’t. The hot spots at the back of toaster ovens might cause the food to get burned.

When it comes to toaster oven vs countertop oven cooking times, there are considerable differences. Countertop convection models can be used for cooking chicken and even baking goods as the toaster oven does. Setting a countertop convection oven in 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit lower will make the cooking time about five minutes shorter. This is advisable if you are cooking with this oven.

If you’re in always in a rush and just want to head out with toast to eat every morning, use the toaster oven for convenience because they are suitable for smaller cooking jobs. Toaster ovens have heating elements at the top and at the bottom inside of them. This will result to your food being cooked at both sides.

When it comes to size convenience, toaster ovens take up more space than convection ovens because countertop convection ovens are built into the kitchen counter already. Toaster ovens without convections could even be larger. You may opt to have portable types for countertop convection toasters.

Does toaster oven save electricity?

Aside from different cooking processes and purposes, it is essential to learn toaster oven vs countertop oven energy usage to understand how using these ovens will contribute to your electricity bill.

According to the Energy Star Market & Industry Scoping Report.

Countertop oven vs toaster oven

Toaster ovens are much more energy-efficient than conventional ovens when it comes to performing smaller cooking jobs. Toaster ovens only use about 1/3 to ½ the amount of energy compared to a conventional electric oven. They are not regularly used for defrosting since 27% of households use toaster ovens for toasting while 7% use it for baking.

Knowing that toaster ovens use less energy, what you should consider is choosing the most energy efficient toaster oven that will save you some inconveniences and some time. There is a variety to choose from reputable appliance websites or you may visit your local supermarket.

Are toaster ovens healthy?

Cooking with toaster ovens are proven to be healthy because they do not cause medical problems. Cooking meals with toaster ovens is naturally processed because it is done deliberately. Meticulous cooking with toaster ovens ensures that the food is heated with the right temperature. Half-baked cooking risks retaining bacteria from the food being raw. Toaster ovens enhance the flavors of the food too.

Though cooking with toaster ovens are proven to be healthy, there are a few toaster oven health risks too. Handling appliances should be deliberate especially because you will be dealing with electricity. There are many cases wherein people fell victims of being clumsy and negligent when they failed to read the instructions of toaster ovens.

Countertop oven vs toaster oven

Choosing between countertop ovens and toaster ovens might be considerable, but in the end, it must suit your cooking needs not only for purpose but also considering your kitchen space, your convenience, the budget you are willing to allocate in purchasing one. Its features that come with the product, and of course energy usage are important too.


It would be somewhat easier for you to decide which option to opt based on your set-up, convenience, preference, and knowledge. Many dishes also use both techniques for best results. Grilling the outside caramelizes a nice mild outer with crispiness. It is then followed by roasting to get even internal cooking.

Ovens with separate grills are also available nowadays, with electric or gas options. Thus, allowing you the benefits of both worlds from the same appliance. If that’s your thing, go for it! We now hope that our Grill vs. Roast guide portrayed a clearer idea of the slight differences and similarities. Happy cooking!

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