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Top 5 Stovetop Toasters – A Detailed Review in 2021

Best stove top toaster

A toast. A meal so humble, so simple, and so delicious. I bet you would be hard pressed to find a person who does not enjoy a nice, hot slice of toast each morning as breakfast. Having said that, people nowadays have started to take toasts for granted. Probably because electric toasters are readily available all around the world.

But the truth is, an electric toaster won’t be a help in all sorts of situations. And trust me, it is not until you are unable to make a slice of toast that you will realize just how much you would give up to have one at your fingertips.

What will you do if there is a power outage and you’re craving a toast? Worst yet, what will you do when you start craving a toastie when you are out camping or living off the grid. All these are situations you ought to prepare yourself for, and that is where the best stovetop toasters we will look at today come into play.

These appliances are cheap and easy to use and usually take up very little space so carrying them around as you travel the world won’t be a problem. In fact, most of these models are the same ones individuals used decades ago.

If you did not know, people were enjoying toasters long before the first electric toaster was invented. Here is a brief history of toasts and how they were prepared in the past. (Place a link here)

With that in mind, I set out on a quest of finding the best non-electric toasters that can allow us to keep enjoying delicious toasties even when we’re outdoors.

Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at the best stovetop toasters in this year.

The Top 5 Stovetop Toasters in 2021

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
Camp-A-Toaster 41296 Stove-Top 8.8 lbsYes9.3x7x2.8 in2 Check Price
DeltaToast Toaster1.12 lbsYes6.1x1.7x5.4 in2 Check Price
Yoshikawa Atsu-Atsu Hot Sandwich Maker 9.6 lbsYes6.2x1.4x14.1 in2 Check Price
Stansport Folding Camp Stove Toaster9.6 lbsYes9.5x0.8x9.5 in2 Check Price
NonStick Gas Toster 10.2 lbsYes15.5x5.6x1 in2 Check Price

Stove Top Toaster #1:

  • Weighing 8.8oz, Camp-A-Toaster 41296 Stove-Top is an excellent backup toaster that would be perfect for road trips and camping expeditions. This toaster can toast two slices at the same time and its dimensions are 9.3” x 7” x 2.8”, which means that packing it for your trip around the globe will not be a problem.
  • Durable and sturdy, it is also effective and easy to use even for someone who has never operated a stovetop toaster in the past.
  • What’s more? While reviewing this product, I noticed that it enjoyed lots of excellent reviews from preppers, campers, and just about any outdoor enthusiast who tried it out.
  • It can also toast quite faster compared to an electric toaster, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage because if you are hiking, for instance, you can stop and prepare a quick toastie without wasting too much time.
  • On the other hand, it is a disadvantage because if you are used to electric toasters, it will be really easy to burn the bread slices, so you are urged to keep an eye on the equipment while it is toasting.
  • Having said that, this toaster will also work well on electric stove tops and home gas, as well as BBQs and open campfires. But for best results, I advise you to use a propane stove. Dependent upon your toasting preferences, you can either use a low or medium heat setting. But ensure you preheat the appliance before adding your bread slices every time.
  • During my testing sessions, I also noticed this appliance toasted slices evenly, even after consistent trials. The only problem I had at first was figuring out a setting that would work for me, but once I nailed that, all toasties from there onwards came out perfectly.

Notable features:

  • Delivers consistent results even after multiple uses
  • Easy to use
  • Compact, making it easy to pack
  • Toasts faster than an electric toaster
  • Delivers evenly toasted bread slices

Stove Top Toaster #2:

  • This little piece of art is a great solution for those who would like it as a backup for in case there is a power outage. It will also serve you perfectly if you do not want to make a big room for a bulky plug-in appliance in your kitchen.
  • In case you do not know, this toaster gets its name from the triangular shape it makes when fully opened. It also boasts sufficient room for a piece of sandwich (or even large pieces of bread) and allows you to rest assured each slice will come out perfectly toasted.

Notable features:

  • Saves on space
  • Boasts an aesthetic shape
  • Easy to use
  • Delivered evenly toasted slices during my tests
  • Compact
  • I instantly like how aesthetic and thoughtful this appliance’s handles looked. They allowed me to operate the tool without coming too close to the fire. This was nicely reassuring because it allows me to be at ease when my kid is operating the tool.
  • The handle is also plastic coated to ensure it does not transmit heat. But it’s not all looks and no substance. This stovetop toaster also delivered evenly toasted slices even after multiple tries. It is also wide enough to fit artisan or homemade bread slices.

Notable features:

  • Can fit wide and tall bread slices
  • Coated to ensure food does not stick to the appliance
  • Safe to use even for kids
  • Delivered evenly toasted bread slices
  • Toasts fast
  • This appliance’s simple design is a timeless classic. It looks as cool today as it did decades ago. Stansport Folding Camp Stove Toaster also folds up to look like a flat appliance, meaning it can easily fit in even the tightest of spaces.
  • This is the perfect tool for those who prefer to travel light or already carrying a lot and would not like anything that may weigh them down. For the best results, use the toaster on a camping stove. Using it on an open fire pit leaves the bread slices with a smoky taste.

Notable features:

  • Very lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • Can be folded up for easy storage
  • Easy to use
  • Great for camping and other outdoor activities

Stove Top Toaster #5:

  • All I can tell you is that you’ll not regret investing in this high end cooking appliance. It boasts the best size of cooking handles for your outdoor expeditions. The handles allow you to maintain a safe distance from the fire source as you prepare your toasties.
  • On the other hand, the handles are a bit too long to take if you are going on a walking trip since it is hard to hide them in a backpack. Other than that, it is a solid stovetop toaster and will serve you for lots of years to come.
  • To top it off, this gadget also prepares meals pretty fast compared to most products I tested while researching for this enumeration. It also delivers delicious sandwiches that anyone would think they were prepared using the best electric toaster.
  • In case you prefer using artisan or homemade bread slices, you will have to trim their edges so they can fit perfectly into the toaster. But another option is to find those bread slices that perfectly fit into the tool: it is not too hard.
  • The other tip I would like to share as you start using this appliance is that you should ensure you grease the bread slices before toasting them. Failure to do that may make the slices stick to the toaster’s iron.

Notable features:

  • Boasts an aesthetic design
  • The long handles protect you from the fire
  • Has a cast iron design that makes it durable
  • Perfect for campfires and fire pits as well
  • Consumes a small space and is easy to store
  • Easy to use


I have done the hard work for you. All you need to do now is read through my review and pick the best stovetop toaster that best meets your needs and desires. My favorite was the Camp-A-Toaster 41296 Stove-Top, thanks to its aesthetic finish, durability, ease of use as well as its ability to deliver evenly toasted bread slices.

And what will be the best stove top toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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