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6 Best Retro Style Toasters: All Vintage Inspired in 2021

Best retro toaster

There is always room for something retro in any kitchen: Especially if this thing is the best retro toaster you can find. From personal experience, I have realized that the best retro toasters will bring charm to even the most modern kitchens while at the same time matching the toasting needs and preferences of any household.

In addition to that, with the right shades and features amalgamated together, you can also get a great toaster that is durable enough to keep serving your family for years to come.

With that in mind, I understand that finding an appliance with the best combination of these features is easier said than done, particularly if you are new to the realm of toasters. That is why I set out before you into the marketplace and created a detailed enumeration of the 6 best retro toasters there today.

And to assure you that every product in this enumeration will meet your toasting needs and preferences, here is a rundown of every feature I made sure each one of them met before proceeding to create the review.

  1. Durability
  2. Ease of use and cleaning
  3. A great design
  4. Basic toasting modes
  5. Versatility
  6. Sturdiness

And much more;

Without wasting any more of your time, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at the best retro toasters out there today.

The Top 6 Retro Toasters in 2021

Toaster NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro 2-Slice Toaster3.62 lbsYes18.5 x 15.3 x 11.3 in2 Check Price
Homeart Artisan Toaster8.55 lbsYes14.5 x 13.6 x 10 in4 Check Price
Toaster 2-Slice Stainless Steel3.9 lbsYes4.8 x 3.2 x 0.4 in4 Check Price
Retro Style Toaster4.63 lbsYes6.7 x 9.8 x 7.9 in2 Check Price
Retro Small Toaster3.8 lbsYes10.2 x 7 x 6.3 in2 Check Price
50's Retro Style 2 Slice Toaster5.4 lbsYes12.7 x 7.6 x 7.7 in2 Check Price
  • The first retro masterpiece in our review is the Nostalgia RTOS200AQ Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster, best known for its ability to deliver bagels that are crispy on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside. This has been topped off by the fact the appliance retails from a brand that has been in the toaster making industry for decades.
  • Let’s see what features make this Toaster deserve the first position in this enumeration.
  • Well, first, this toaster boasts five different browning levels that are in place to accommodate everyone’s toasting needs in your household. And unlike most toasters I have come across, every toasting level in this appliance will deliver a clearly different level of shading.
  • That said, be careful because lots of people reported that the fifth toasting level burnt bread slices when they were left inside for too long.
  • Another feature worth noting is the slide-out crumb tray that makes the appliance easy to clean. For those not accustomed to this part, it is the one that will collect all dirt and debris that fall off from your bread slices. When you want to clean it quickly, simply take it out, wipe it off using a clean cloth, then put it back and continue your toasting process.
  • For more thorough cleaning, simply throw the tray into the dishwasher and it will get things done for you.
  • This gadget is also super extensive for its size, delivering 900 watts that ensures your slices will come out perfectly toasted in less than five minutes.
  • For those who love trying out different bread meals for breakfast, this Nostalgia RTOS200QA Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster has got you covered as well. Thanks to the extra-wide and long slots it retails with, this appliance can prepare bagel halves, artisan bread slices, croissants, and even English muffins.
  • Let us also talk about the three main toasting modes included: the defrost, cancel, and bagel functions.
  • The bagel functions will ensure the tool only toasts the cut side of your bagel slices whereas the defrost setting is in place to help you toast frozen bread slices quickly. If anything goes wrong or something gets stuck in your appliance, press the cancel function to halt the entire toasting progress.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful for its size
  • Can prepare a wide array of meals
  • Cord storage at the bottom to help you keep your kitchen clean
  • Retro design
  • Slide out crumb tray included to make it easy to clean
  • Five different browning levels to choose from
  • For the sake of those who have a huge family, I always try to include at least one four-slice toaster in every enumeration I create. These toasters come in handy especially in families where everyone has to leave in a hurry in the morning for work or school.
  • With that in mind, let us look at what this Artisan 4 Slot Toaster by Homeart has to offer in particular.
  • First, the toaster boasts dual controls. For those not accustomed to this feature, it allows you to toast a meal (such as bread slices) on the first two slots using a specific setting while at the same time using the other two slots to prepare a different meal (such as bagel slices) using a different setting.
  • Couple that with the fact this toaster delivers evenly toasted slices even after hours of continuous usage and you have a product that can surpass anyone’s expectations and standards.
  • Other features of this toaster worth noting include the anti-overheat protection, 12-month replacement warranty, 365 money-back guarantee and an anti-leakage protection. A super friendly 24/7 customer service is available to contact if anything goes wrong on the appliance.

Notable features:

  • Anti-overheat and anti-leakage protection included
  • Boasts dual controls
  • The slots can fit slices of any sizes and shapes
  • USA quality product
  • The design will complement any kitchen interior décor
  • Delivers evenly toasted bread slices consistently
  • Just from the image above, you can tell what Pinlo 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster’s unique selling proposition is. The appliance retails with a dust cap and an extra baking rack. The bonus removable baking rack is in place to allow you to reheat sandwiches and croissants easily without browning them any further.
  • The dust cap, on the other hand, ensures that the toaster will not collect dust when it is tucked away in your cabinet and you’re not using it. When you combine this with the removable crumb tray, you have the easiest way to clean toasters out there today.
  • With the removable crumb tray, what you will need to do most of the time is wipe it clean using a clean cloth and it is ready to go back into the toaster.
  • The six adjustable browning settings are there to accommodate everyone’s taste in your family.

Notable features:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Retails with a baking rack and a dust cap
  • Can reheat your leftovers without browning them any further
  • The extra-wide slots can fit any slices
  • The exterior remains cool to the touch during operations
  • Any toasters review is incomplete if it does not include a product from Russell Hobbs. This brand was founded in 1952 by Peter Hobbs and William Russell, and if that proves anything, it is that the company has been in existence long enough to know exactly what its clients need: and that is reflected in this Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR Retro Style Toaster.
  • First of all, the toaster retails in five different colors in order to ensure there is a product for everyone, especially for those who want all their kitchen appliances in a specific color. This tool also includes a lift and look feature, which allows you to monitor the toasting progress of your slices without interfering with the heating cycle of the appliance.

Notable features:

  • Six different toasting levels to pick from
  • Includes a toasting timer
  • The warming rack is removable
  • Comes with a lift and look feature
  • Retails in five different colors

Retro Toaster #5:

  • Are you in the marketplace looking for the toaster with the most unique retro design? Then I believe this KEEMO 2 Slice Retro Toaster is what you are looking for. In fact, I do not think it can have any more retro feeling than it shows right here.
  • That said, don’t let the design fool you into thinking the appliance cannot deliver in the toasting department. The 2 extra wide slots could fit every slice I tried fitting in there, even the thickest artisan bread slices as well. In addition to that, the six different browning levels come in handy to ensure everyone’s taste in the family is accommodated.

Notable features:

  • Retro style that will look great on any kitchen counter
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stainless steel body that improves its durability
  • Includes cord storage at the bottom side
  • Delivers evenly toasted slices
  • The last, but by no means the least retro toaster in this enumeration is the Smeg TSF01PGUS 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster. When you click the link above and visit the product’s page on Amazon, the first thing that’ll impress you is the fact it retails in seven different colors: black, red, pink, chrome, cream, pastel blue, and pastel green.
  • That makes it the perfect retro toaster to get as a gift for someone who loves the 80’s too.
  • For those who are fans of English muffins, artisan bread slices, bagel slices, or croissants, this gadget has got you covered as well, thanks to its extra-wide and long slots.
  • After your slices are done with the toasting, they will pop up automatically. This protects your fingers from burn injuries that may result from coming into contact with the area in between the toasting slots.
  • Smeg also went the extra mile to make sure the tool will keep delivering evenly toasted bread slices even after hours of continuous testing sessions. They did this by including the self-centering racks, which are new additions in the realm of toasters.
  • And since people love their slices toasted to different levels, this appliance comes with six different browning levels to choose from. The sixth toasting level delivering the darkest slices and the first toasting level delivering lightly toasted slices.
  • If you hate cleaning toasters after every use, then the removable crumb tray has got you covered. All you ought to do is take it out, wipe it down using a clean cloth, and it’s ready for work again (you know the drill.)
  • I think you will also appreciate the compact and lightweight nature of this appliance, which makes it easy to move around your house.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful and fast
  • Removable crumb tray included to make it easy to clean
  • Six different browning levels included
  • The slots are extra wide and long
  • Automatic pop up function
  • Durable and sturdy


If you have found a retro toaster that meets your toasting needs and personal preferences, then go ahead and place an order right away while the product is still in stock. If you are still having trouble making a final decision based on the information I have given above, I have got you covered as well.

If I were to pick from the six products above, I would pick the Smeg TSF01PGUS 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster as my favorite retro toaster at the moment. This appliance retails from a reputable brand, easy to clean and use, delivers evenly toasted slices, its results are consistent, and it’s durable.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

And what will be the best retro toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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