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The Best 5 Pop Up Toasters in 2021

Best pop up toaster

If you love toasts and bagels, then you agree that the best pop up toaster is an imperative kitchen appliance everyone should have in their homes. A great pop up toaster will allow you to enjoy meals such as frozen waffles, bagels, and even toasted bread. And this is regardless of where you are in the world. If you travel a lot, the marketplace is also filled with the best travel toasters.

That said, toasters today have some great new designs and come with some exciting features thanks to modern-day technologies. And even though this sounds like a great thing (which it is), it implies that picking the best one from the multitude of units in the marketplace is really hard.

That is why I decided to set out to the marketplace before you and separated the wheat from the chaff on your behalf. All you need to do now is going through my detailed review and pick the best one that best fits your needs and personal preference.

For a toaster to be included in this review, it had to be powerful, durable, easy to clean, compact, and able to deliver evenly toasted bread slices even after multiple, continuous testing sessions.

Without further delay, below is my shortlist of the best pop up toasters money can buy today.

The Top 5 Pop Up Toaster in 2021

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
2 Slice Toasters Bread Compact Toaster2.75 lbsYes12.4x7.4x6.9 in2 Check Price
Chefman 2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slots3.63 lbsYes11.6x7.8x8.7 in2 Check Price
NOVETE Toaster 2 Slice Wide Slots3.22 lbsYes12.4x87.x7.6 in2 Check Price
Toaster 2 Slice, Retro Small Toaster3.9 lbsYes10.2x7x6.3 in2 Check Price
Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster2.8 lbsYes12.6x7.1x8.4 in2 Check Price

Pop Up Toaster #1:

  • Every mom who loves toasties understands that a toaster that can deliver evenly toasted slices fast is the key if they want to manage their time wisely in the morning: that is where Evening 2 Slice Toaster comes into play.
  • This unit’s cool and stainless-steel housing allows the toaster to heat up quickly. This is a huge advantage during the busy mornings because it means your bread slices will be toasted pretty fast. In addition to that, this toaster also retails with extra-wide slots that allow you to fit bread slices of all sizes and shape.
  • In fact, it is also among the best wide slot toasters out there today.
  • Another great thing about this masterpiece is that it boasts all the necessary functions and easy to operate even for beginners. To top it off, it also retails with seven different toasting levels that allow you to have all your toasties exactly how you love them.
  • If you love your toasties slightly toasted on some days but highly toasted on others, then rest assured Evening 2 Slice Toaster will deliver.
  • This toaster will also automatically pop up the toasties when the toasting cycle is over so you will not need to worry about overcooking your breakfast. What’s more? The quality of Evening 2 Slice Toaster has been proven satisfying and long-lasting by other customers who have used it before.

Notable features:

  • Can easily toast bread slices of all sizes
  • Easy to operate
  • Pop up advantage
  • Toaster looks great on the kitchen counter
  • Durable design
  • Delivered consistent results
  • This masterpiece is a sleek and sophisticated kitchen appliance with a gorgeous modern look and a low profile that allows it to fit in even small kitchens. You can place it in any position on your kitchen counter and rest assured it will complement the décor.
  • The two, extra-wide slots make Chefman 2-Slice Pop-Up Stainless Steel Toaster versatile since it means it can accommodate thick bagels, bread slices, waffles, toast pastries, French toasts, and so much more. Add to that the fact this toaster retails with other features such as bagels setting, defrost function, and reheat setting.
  • The multiple shade control settings offer customized toasting. You can now have your toasties exactly how you love them. All you need to do is turn the knob on the front part to select from the different toasting levels.
  • The removable crumb tray is in place to make cleaning the machine effortless. Those who are not accustomed to crumb trays, they are the apparatus fit on the bottom side of a toaster to collect crumbs and debris dropped by the toasted bread slices. When you choose a pop-up toaster with a removable crumb tray, it is ensured you won’t find crumbs assembled inside the tool when it’s time to clean.
  • Do not hesitate to bring home this model as it’s one of the best two-slice toasters out there today.

Notable features:

  • Offers different toasting levels
  • Includes a removable crumb tray to make it easy to clean
  • Extra-wide slots that can fit all types of bread slices
  • Defrost, bagel, and reheat functions included
  • Durable design

Pop Up Toaster #3:

  • This home toaster with fairly wide toasting slots boasts the capability to accommodate different types of bread slices, regardless of how thin or thick they come. I must say, with this tool on your corner you’ll never have to worry about starting a day without your favorite delicacy. In fact, given how sweet the toasties that are prepared with NOVETE 2 Slice Toaster’s, I guarantee you’ll be making toasties even for lunch.
  • In addition, this toaster retails with multifunctional smart buttons and seven different browning levels. The browning levels are in place to satisfy everyone’s taste in your family. The smart buttons (namely defrost, reheat and cancel), on the other hand, allow you to effortlessly execute other duties such as warm toasts without browning them any further, and toasting frozen bagels and bread slices.
  • NOVETE 2 Slice Toaster also includes a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning the tool after using really easy.
  • Another great thing about this appliance is the stainless-steel exterior for great durability. Its durability ensures it’ll keep serving you for years to come.

Notable features:

  • Seven different toasting levels
  • Includes a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easy
  • UL certified
  • Compact to save on space
  • Versatile since it can prepare muffins, waffles, bagels, and toasts

Pop Up Toaster #4:

  • This Keemo 2 slice toaster retails with extra-wide slots that allow you to fit even some of the thickest bread slices. The tool also retails with 3 different settings, namely defrost, cancel, and reheat functions.
  • I think you’ll also love the six different browning levels that can create toasties exactly how you love them.
  • To top it off, this toaster includes a removable crumb tray to ensure easy cleanup. KEEMO also included a high lift lever that you can use to pop up the toasted slices out of the toaster. This allows you to retrieve the slices easily without burning your fingers.

Notable features:

  • Includes a cord storage
  • Has non slip feet at the bottom so it does not move around during operations
  • The exterior of the toaster stays cool to the touch during operation
  • Delivered delicious toasties
  • Durable design
  • Hamilton Beach has been in the industry of crafting reliable household appliances, mainly kitchen accessories (ranging from coffee makers to toasters) for years now. If this proves anything, it is the company that has lots of experience and definitely understands what customers require.In addition to that, if you’ve ever used a product from Hamilton Beach, then you know most of them are engineered to last long and built to deliver uniform, consistent results even after multiple, continuous uses. Well, Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster, Red (22623) is no different.

    This unit is practical and sleek, extremely ideal for modern kitchens. Not only will this masterpiece improve the overall look of your kitchen, it will also give you the best performance and deliver some of the tastiest toasties.

    It also retails with a durable chrome exterior, as well as smart buttons and two, extra-wide slots. The smart buttons improve usability, which in turn ensures that you enjoy evenly toasted slices every time.

    It is a classic example of some of the best modern toasters.

Notable features:

  • Includes auto shut off
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Comes with a helpful instruction manual
  • It’s affordable
  • Includes a lift lever that allows you to grab your toasties without burning your fingers
  • Boasts a cool exterior
  • Browns evenly and delivers consistent results


After extensive research and testing sessions, my recommendation for the best pop-up toaster is the Hamilton Beach Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster, Red (22623). This stroke of genius is versatile, comes with extra-wide slots, and also seems to toast bagels just right such that the inside remains soft and the outside crispy.

And what will be the best pop up toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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