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Oster 2-Slice, Bread and Bagel Toaster Review: Tried and Tested Model

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster

Only pick kitchen appliances from the most reputable brands.

If you had checked out my guide on “how to pick the best toasters” available in the market, you would remember that the above advice was one of the guide’s highlights. Why, you ask?

Well, unlike some of the lesser-known brands, reputable ones have a reputation to maintain, which means that they will go above and beyond to ensure that all the products they sell you work as advertised. Oster is one of such brands.

Started in 1924 by John Oster Sr., Oster has been the go-to kitchen brand for more than 75 years now, starting with its trusted blenders that later expanded into heated cooking and food preparation tools. Today, the firm is best known for its ability to amalgamate aesthetics and reliability in all its products, and this Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster is no different.

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster Review

Straight out of the box, you’ll be smitten by Oster 2-Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster’s aesthetic design. When I was done testing the appliance, I placed it on the most focal point of my kitchen counter, and everyone who has walked in there since then has had something to say about its futuristic design. In fact, two of my friends went out and acquired a similar model after seeing mine.

If you’re on the market looking for a toaster that’ll complement your kitchen interior décor, you’re also in luck because this toaster retails in two different shades, namely metallic gray and purple. This should improve your odds of picking a color that matches your interior.

It didn’t disappoint in the toasting department either. For starters, the unit has been fitted with advanced toast technology and an auto-adjusting bread guide. These two are coupled together to ensure consistency and even toasting every single time. To accommodate everyone’s taste in your household, the unit has also been fitted with seven different shade settings (with the first setting delivering lightly toasted slices and the seventh setting delivering dark, crispy, and highly toasted slices.)

When you’re done making your delicacies, use the high lever shown in the image above to raise your slices high enough for easy retrieval. Ensure you do not come into contact with the slots’ iron, as it usually gets extremely hot during toasting sessions. Let’s top off the list of its specification with the fact that the tool boasts two extra-wide slots that during my tests could easily accommodate a wide array of bread types, from artisan bread to bagel slices.

Check out this video about the toaster

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster


  • The unit retails with a storage cord underneath
  • Delivered some of the tastiest toasts I’ve ever tasted
  • The lift lever raises the bride slices high enough so you can retrieve them without a hassle
  • Fitted with an advanced toast technology and auto-adjusting bread guides
  • The two slots are extra wide to accommodate a wide array of bread types


  • Cannot handle a big family


With such amazing features, Oster 2-Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster is, without a doubt, the only toaster you’ll need for years to come: That’s, of course, unless you ever feel the need to upgrade to a 4-slice toaster. When (if) that time comes, do not hesitate to come back and check out my guide on the 6 best 4-slice toasters available out there. I make an effort to update the guide every month or so.

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