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The Top 5 Best Non-Electric Toasters – Present-day Picks 2

Best non electric toaster

A toast. So humble, so simple, so delicious. It would be hard to find someone who does not enjoy a sweet, hot slice of toast each morning for breakfast. However, with electric toasters common in most, if not all households, individuals tend to take toasts for granted. They do not really realize the importance of the best non-electric toasters.

Not until you are unable to make toasts due to lack of electricity.  You will realize how much you would sacrifice to have a perfectly toasted slice of bread in your hands. The good news is, you can excuse yourself from this gruesome experience. All you need to do is buying the best non-electric toaster. These are the same products people used to prepare toasts long before electric toasters came to existence.

That said, let me answer a question I’ve heard most people asking regarding the non-electric toaster, i.e. where to use a non-electric toaster.

The straightforward answer to that is outdoors. People who love toasts and also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking and camping will particularly find non-electric toasters useful. However, one is not limited to acquire them just for outdoor activities. They can be the solution in case of a power outage ensues.

Without further ado, here are my top five picks of the best non-electric toasters

Best Non-Electric Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Folding Camp Stove Toaster, Stainless Steel 7.2 ouncesYes8x8x0.3 in4 Check Price
GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Toaster6.4 ouncesYes6.7x5.7x0.5 in1 Check Price
DeltaToast for small kitchens5.65 ouncesYes6.1x1.7x5.4 in1 Check Price
NonStick Gas Sandwich Toaster10.2 ouncesYes15.5x5.6x1 in1 Check Price
Camp-A-Toaster 41296 Stove-Top8.8 ouncesYes9.3x7x2.8 in 2 Check Price

Non-Electric Toaster #1:

  •  The Folding Camp Stove Toaster is a worthwhile investment for those who do not have enough space or traveling light. This simple design is also a timeless classic. Folding Camp Stove Toaster folds up flat implying so it will fit in even the smallest spaces. It is a perfect selection for individuals who’re already carrying a lot during a journey. The toaster will also work on every camping stove.
  • Simply open up the rack, place up to four bread slices on the toaster’s holders, then place the equipment on top of your stove. Any propane outdoors stove will work just fine. Some other campers have even had success using the Folding Camp Stove Toaster over BBQ or an open fire.

Notable features:

  • Toasts up to four pieces of bread at the same time
  • Lightweight product that you can pack compactly in your backpack
  • Rust-resistant as it is made of steel
  • Offers consistent results

Non-Electric Toaster #2:

  • Lots of previous clients on online retail stores are pretty in love with this non-electric toaster. It has been voted as one of the best products you can acquire online, and after a long duration of reviewing the product, I now understand why. It is pretty fantastic.
  • To begin with, the product’s build is quite aesthetic, and it is exceptionally durable. Some people have reported that they’ve owned the product for years, and it still works great and keeps delivering consistent results.
  • While setting out on a quest of reviewing the toaster, I did not expect much from it, but I must admit, it surpassed my expectations. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Notable features:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • The steel it’s made of does a great job of evenly distributing the heat
  • Comes with a nylon carrying tote
  • One of the best if you like your toast crispy
  • Foldable and quite easy to carry
  • The handle stays cooler

Non-Electric Toaster #3:

  • Do you love attractive cooking appliances with innovative design? If you answered yes, then this outdoor toaster is the perfect product for you. It looks like a toy metal space shuttle, a pyramid, and UFO, or anything other than the traditional toasters you’re used to seeing around.
  • The Delta Toast is also adjustable to distinct slice thicknesses and it’s good for making sandwiches with the perfect shades. When you are not using it, Delta Toast can transform into an aesthetic metal plate you can showcase on your small kitchen to save space or during your next backpacking trip.

Notable features:

  • Quite reliable
  • Very compact
  • Very easy to assemble and reassemble
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable to the different slice thicknesses

Non-Electric Toaster #4:

  • You’ll not regret acquiring this cooking appliance. It boasts the ideal size of cooking handles for outdoor activities even though it is probably too long to take on a walking trip if you only have a backpack. That said, it is solid, and it boasts a long lifespan.
  • Better yet, it prepares food pretty fast compared to all products on this enumeration. It also makes delicious sandwiches, but you will need to trim the bread slice edges a bit in order to fit it into the iron. Another option is to acquire a specific type of slices that can fit in the space perfectly.
  • The other tip when using this product is to grease the pieces of bread prior to roasting, otherwise, the food might stick on the iron.

Notable features:

  • Perfect for firepits and campfires
  • Cast iron design
  • Solid
  • Nicely long handles
  • Aesthetic design

Non-Electric Toaster #5:

  • Camp A Toaster 41296 is an excellent back up non-electric toaster and also fantastic for road trips. In addition, it is simple to use, effective, durable and sturdy. What else could you ask for?
  • The Camp A Toaster 41296 also boasts lots of excellent reviews from preppers, campers, and just around every person who has used the product. Impressively, it’ll toast faster compared to most electric toasters, so you ought to keep an eye on it during preparations to avoid a charred meal.
  • Even better, it will work well with home electric and gas stove tops, BBQs, and open campfires. But I recommend you to use a propane stove for the best results. Depending on your toast preference, you can either use a medium or low heat level. Just ensure you preheat the toaster prior to adding the slices of bread.

Notable features:

  • Easy to pack
  • Makes awesome toasts
  • Delivers consistent results
  • Easy to clean


Having brought you some of the best non-electric toasters you can acquire, all you need to do now is get out there and pick the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Think about how and where you will need to use it. Having said that, my clear winner for this comprehensive review is the Folding Camp Stove Toaster; thanks to its ease of use, folding ability, durability, chrome-plated finish, and the fact it delivers consistent results. Its rust resistance nature will also come in handy for lots of years.

And what will be the best non-electric toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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  • Diane Borden, Chehalis, WA

    Um, I was looking at your list, amazed that these things weighed in at 5.5 to 10 lbs…… someone didn’t edit this before it was published. The weights listed are ounces, not pounds!

    • Balazs Albertus

      Dear Diane,
      Thank you for your comment.
      True, it was overlooked by accident.
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