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Lofter Long Slot Toaster: Full Guide and Product Review

Lofter Long Slot Toaster, 2 Slice

Today we’ll be talking about one of the most versatile toasters! Why? Well, you know how we say, “the best thing since sliced bread?” Regular toasters are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to sliced bread… and bagels, English muffins, and so on.

A few months ago, my 2-slice toaster that I had used for more than a decade started begging for “early” retirement. Every time I used it to make a waffle, all I kept hearing it say was, “You really need to get a new one.” I used it a lot, so I agreed and decided to go for another unit that rocked.

That’s when I came across this stroke of genius.

Lofter Long Slot Toaster Review

If like me, you do not want your new appliance to throw off the aesthetic of your kitchen, this Lofter Long Slot Toaster is a perfect choice. The sleek stainless-steel accents are a stylish touch, and with its six browning level settings and an extra-wide and long slot, it’s a great union of function and form.

Since no two people on earth love their slices toasted to the same level, the 6-level browning setting allows the unit to accommodate everyone’s taste in your home. It’ll allow you to pick from lightly golden to deep dark toasted slices (from setting 1, which is light, to 6, which is dark.)

As shown in the image above, the unit also retails with three other cooking settings, namely cancel, reheat, and defrost. If anything goes wrong while you’re toasting, hit the cancel, and it’ll instantly shut off your unit. The reheat and defrost functions both take less than 30 seconds to warm up and defrost (respectively) your meals.

LOFTER (the manufacturing company) has also fitted this unit with a warming rack that you can use to keep toasted bread slices warm until you’re ready to eat them. To access this warming rack, all you ought to do is push down the back lift lever, and the warming rack will pop up. Using this warm rack, other meals you can warm up include croissants and rolls.

At the time I was acquiring this unit, I lived in a small apartment with limited kitchen space, so I really appreciated the long slot design that allowed it to fit in extra small spaces on my counter as well as cabinets. That said, do not let this fool you into thinking that this limits the amount or types of slices the unit can accommodate.

The slot is 1.7 inches wide, which is as wide as some of the best wide slot toasters’ in the market. After acquiring the product, I confirmed that it could handle the thickest slices, including, but not limited to, bagel slices, artisan bread slices, and even homemade slices.

Once the unit detects that your slices have been sufficiently toasted, the inbuilt pop-up function will, as the name suggests, pop up the slices and let out a beep sound.

Check out this video about the toaster

Lofter Long Slot Toaster


  • Has a compact, long slot design
  • The slot is extra wide
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Looks aesthetic on any kitchen counter
  • Retails with an inbuilt warming rack
  • Backed by 1000 watts of power
  • Several accessories are included in the package you’ll receive from Amazon


  • Feet are moving on soapy, smooth surfaces


This long slot toaster is, without a doubt, one of my favorite winners in the market. The design is not only modern but also looks like something straight out of the future. As for the unit’s performance in the toasting department, it didn’t disappoint either.

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