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The Best Lime Green Toasters for Your Kitchen in Present-day

Best lime green toaster

Lime green is a striking color that is elegant and striking at the same time. If your kitchen is painted with a shade of green, then you must get the best lime green toaster that would complement your kitchen. These toasters are indeed popular because of their color and high-quality performance from trusted brands.

In this article, we selected four toasters available on the market that would accommodate to your cooking needs. When choosing the perfect toaster, have certain criteria that you can use for evaluation. The criteria vary from one person to another. A person may choose a toaster based on the design while some may choose based on its features. But in this list, we listed those lime green toasters which combine excellent design and good performance at the same time. These toasters would not only be alluring, but also assures that you’re going to be cooking well with advanced features.

Best Lime Green Toasters on the market available today

  • You will totally be in love with the exterior design and premium features of the 2-Slice pastel toaster by SENCOR. Weighing 3.4 pounds with dimensions of 12.9 x 8.5 x 8.2 inches, it includes an indicator light for reheating and can accommodate 2 slices of bread for each cooking session.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about getting your toast or your fingers burned because it features automatic bread ejection and shut off after the cooking process is done. It also has high lift function, so that it would be easy to retrieve small food particles. This toaster is guaranteed to be safe to handle.
  • Safety in handling it is the priority with this toaster as it prides itself with heat-insulted outer case to prevent burns upon encounter. It also has anti-slip feet. With its vibrant color and safety, this can be the best toaster for the whole family.
  • Legacy means durability and trust, and that is what Dualit is all about. They take pride with all the toasters they assemble. All of their products are hand built since the 1950s. Classic toasters have become a household name for many years now and have been trusted since then.
  • It keeps the people loyal to their service as it ensures quality performance and convenience too. The parts of the unit are replaceable and repairable just in case. It also takes pride with its unique and patented ProHeat elements that ensure toasting efficiency.
  • This is not a surprise when it comes to the Dualit 2-Slice Lime Green toaster that bears the Dualit trademark mechanical timer and ejector lever. It has the ability to select only those slots or slot you want to use. Weighing 7.7 pounds with dimensions of 10 x 8 x 9 inches, it offers advanced features to suit your cooking needs.
  • These features include defrost and bagel functions. It also accommodates bread thickness with extra-wide slots measuring 28mm slots. Because of its extra-wide accommodation, it fits the Dualit Sandwich cage that has a built-in drop tray. The Dualit Sandwich cage allows you to make grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a unique feature of Dualit toasters because you can request to buy one sandwich cage with a warming rack along with their toasters.
  • It also has an automatic turnoff, so you wouldn’t have to worry about overcooking your food. It is convenient to clean-up due to its removable crumb tray. To complete the ensemble, there is an adjustable rear foot. ProHeat elements have protective armor-plated layer covering, the Dualit toaster is built to last for a long time.
  • You will totally get excited by the Kitchen Selective Cool-Touch toaster because of its vibrant color that will give life to the kitchen at one glance. Weighing only 2.3 pounds with dimensions of 6.6 x 4.6 x 11.2 inches, it can accommodate two slices at the same time and is known for its rapid cooking.
  • This toaster is guaranteed safe handling because of its cool touch exterior that would prevent you from getting burned while cooking. Sophisticated and simple at the same time, this toaster combines performance and elegance in the kitchen.
  • Another pride from Dualit, this 4-slot NewGen toaster is now available to satisfy your cooking needs. This is a perfect toaster for those who will need to cook for many people a lot at home, at the canteen, or even at the office. It works just like the 2-slot Dualit toaster with the classic ensemble including the mechanical timer and ejector lever. It also includes the award-winning ProHeat elements that ensure toasting efficiency.
  • Weighing 9.4 pounds with dimensions of 14 x 8 x 9 inches, you can choose which slots to use with its selector level. You can either choose to use one or more slots with its extra-wide 28-millimeter slots. There’s more than its style as its quality performance is guaranteed with features you would love. Because of its extra-wide slots, you can choose to buy the sandwich cage with a built-in drip tray. It is also easy to clean-up after use as the crumb tray is removable. It completes its ensemble with an adjustable rear foot.
  • Sophisticated, classic, and high performing, the Dualit toaster is surely a good addition to your elegant kitchen.

Best way to keep your toaster clean

These lime green toasters are surely all the rage that could become statement staples on your kitchen top. Apart from its classic ensemble, it also guarantees quality features that would take care of your cooking needs. But taking care of a classic ensemble should also be remembered.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the toaster at a place where it is safe. Don’t put into tight spaces. It also wouldn’t expose the toaster in vulnerable places where objects might fall on it. The exterior of the toaster is as important as its interior.

First, do not immerse your toaster into water because it might damage some mechanical functions. Next is to apply some solution to a sponge or rag that has been soaked in warm water. You have to make sure that your sponge will not be dripping because it might splash liquid inside the toaster. The electric components of the toaster are actually highly sensitive. You could also fill ½ cup hot water and 2 tablespoons white vinegar as your solution. You may drop the sponge into the water and then use the soft spongy side to clean up all over the toaster.

In order to keep your toaster clean and function well, it is good to set a day in the week when you’ll be cleaning it. Using natural ingredients as your solution is also recommended. Gently wipe the interior of the toaster, and do not be too rough as you might damage the elements. Cleaning it regularly would also avoid the built-up of grease. Grease is one of the leading factors to the deterioration of the performance of the toaster. It is recommended to wipe down the toaster every time you’re done cooking, so that grease would not build up.

How will you clean the heating elements? You can clean it up gently wiping the length of each element with a dampened cloth. You should dry it first before you use them again. Make sure that you’re not going to use soapy water or any cleanser because it will damage the elements.

Cleaning the crumb tray is also important. Wiping it off might sometimes be insufficient. So, with this, you must fill your sink with hot soapy water and then you might soak it for a few minutes as it is washable. Do not use rough material to scrub the toaster clean. When the stains have difficulty in being removed, you may soak the tray again and then scrub it again.

And what will be the best lime green toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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