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Best Light Blue Toasters You Would Love in Present-day

Best light blue toaster

Blue is one of the most beloved colors because of its positive association with peace and solidarity. Most modern homes paint their walls with light colors to the eyes like light shades of blue. Their kitchen is also a manifestation of their desired state of peace, and therefore, the walls tend to be blue.

To fully synchronize the colors of the walls and the appliances, you can choose the best light blue toaster that will not only add a vibrant pop to your kitchen but will also work with premium performance. Or you can simply have a kitchen makeover with blue as the theme. Revamping your kitchen is also therapeutic. When you’re simply moving objects from one place to another or during tidying up, you’re also training your mind to be disciplined. Blue is a color that is also powerful when it comes to healing especially if you have a high-stress job.

Best Light Blue Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
Toaster 2 Slice, Retro Small Toaster Blue3.75 lbsYes10.2x7x6.3 in2 Check Price
Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster, Pastel Blue5.4 lbsYes13x7.6x7.7 in2 Check Price
Russell Hobbs Retro Style Toaster 2-Slice4.65 lbsYes6.7x9.8x7.9 in2 Check Price
Nostalgia Bagel Toaster 2-Slice Aqua2.2 lbsYes10.8x6.9x7.7 in2 Check Price
2 Slice Toaster with Bagel, Blue4.3 lbsYes13.1x8.7x7.9 in2 Check Price
  • The retro design will surely manifest the longing for the past days, a nostalgic ensemble that would totally become a statement piece in your kitchen. The turquoise pastel blue color is not only an eye-catcher, but its compact design would also fit the kitchen, so you wouldn’t have to worry about seeking a designated space for it.
  • The toaster will not be difficult to operate because of its easy operations such the easy one-touch LED indicator button or high lift lever, so you wouldn’t have any difficulty retrieving food. It is convenient to clean up because of its removable crumb tray. The automatic pop up promotes safety as it prevents burning your fingers.
  • You can operate with three basic cooking functions: Defrost, Bagel, and Cancel. You can choose your preferred browning shade from six settings. The toaster has two slots wide enough up to 1.5 inches to accommodate bread thickness.
  • Housed with 18/8 stainless steel housing, the KEEMO toaster guarantees to be not toxic, BPA free that makes it safe and healthy. The KEEMO toaster assures rapid toasting, rust-free housing that will endure for years and works with premium performance. The manufacturer would be glad to hear reviews and feedback once you’ve started using their products.
  • The Smeg Pastel blue 50s retro style 2-Slice toaster would be a vibrant addition to your kitchen. Weighing 5.4 pounds with dimensions of 12.7 x 7.6 x 7.7 inches, it is housed with powder-coated steel body and polished chrome base that ensures durability in the long run. It includes stainless-steel ball lever knob and backlit chrome knob. It also contains anti-slip feet.
  • It features 2 extra-wide slots with self-centering racks that will ensure even cooking of the slices. You would not worry about getting your hands burned when retrieving your food because there’s the automatic slice pop up that will deliver your food. You can choose from six browning levels to get your preferred shade. It comes with 3 pre-set programs for your cooking needs such as reheat, defrost, and bagel. It is also convenient to clean up because of its removable stainless-steel crumb tray.
  • The vintage design matches your modern cooking needs that results to premium toasting performance. What makes this unique from other toasters is that it can accommodate two slices of bread in each cooking session. It also has an advanced feature, the countdown timer that reveals the accurate time remaining before the cooking process is done. The Lift & Look feature allows you to monitor the progress of the process without cancelling it.
  • You can choose your preferred shade with a selector from six settings as 1 as the lightest and 6 as the darkest. You can select the Bagel option for toasting bagels or the Frozen option to guarantee freshly baked food. The Cancel option would allow you to abort the whole cooking process.

Light Blue Toaster #4:

  • If you would love to cook bagels, then the Nostalgia 2-Slice Aqua Bagel is definitely for you. It can accommodate all bread sizes with two large slots especially bagels and muffins and it works at 900-watts for even heating.
  • You can choose from five browning levels for your preferred shade if you want light or dark shade. It comes with three options: bagel, defrost, and cancel. Every time you’ll press the button, it will illuminate for easy recognition that the cooking process is going on.
  • You can avoid clutter in your kitchen because it has a cord storage at the bottom, and it is easy to clean-up after use because of its slide-out crumb tray. With its stylish retro design finished with thoughtfully curated chrome accents, this toaster would grace your kitchen.
  • A multifunctional toaster, this 2-Slice toaster’s design matches its high-quality performance. Weighing 4.3 pounds with dimensions of 13.1 x 8.7 x 7.9 inches, you can choose from three functions such as cancel, bagel, and defrost.
  • It allows you to select your preferred shade from the 6 different toasting settings, the lower the setting, the lighter the result will be.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry of your bread thickness because it features extra-wide toasting slots with 1.5-inch, so you can choose different kinds of bread to toast without cramming them.
  • It is easy to clean because it comes with a removable slide-out crumb tray that collects the bread crumbs, so there’s no need to reach the small particles. The high-lift lever delivers the finished food by popping it out, so you wouldn’t burn your fingers in the process.
  • Housed with stainless steel and certified by the ETL and FDL, this toaster is of superior quality compared to other toasters with plastic housing. It also includes a one-year warranty, and you can always reach the manufacturer with their friendly customer service. With its certifications and design, we ensure that you’re getting the best toaster.

Light blue toasters for your kitchen

These light blue toasters are surely a delight to your kitchen with its vibrant color and superior performance. With certifications and guaranteed customer service, these toasters would surely be a good asset in your kitchen because you mustn’t only consider their deliberate design and quality performance, but the customer connection too.

The advanced options such as the Lift & Look feature and illuminated buttons are definitely worth checking out. And one more thing, to ensure the durability of all of your appliances, you must ensure that you’re keeping them at a safe place. A safe place is where it wouldn’t be kept compressed between objects or it wouldn’t be vulnerable from falling objects that will damage its exterior. The exterior of the toaster is also as important as its interior.

And what will be the best light blue toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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