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The Best High-Quality Toasters You Can Buy in Present-day

Best high quality toaster

No kitchen is complete without the best high-quality toaster. But how do you choose the perfect when the market is filled with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of “the best quality toasters”? From mediocre plastic options to all dancing, all singing stainless steel models, you have countless toasters to choose from; all depending on your needs, requirements, and personal preference.

To help you out, I decided to track down the 5 best toasters available in terms of quality. I also tested each of them and rated them according to their features, evenness of browning, as well as toasting speed.

I also considered whether the toaster can suit all kitchens and how they looked. For all of them, I toasted a range of slices, from fresh sourdough to frozen bagels. This was to assess how the appliances coped with distinct slices.

Without further ado, let’s skip to the main section and list the best high-quality toasters out there. I’ll also point out what makes them high quality goods.

Best High-Quality Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
Cuisinart CPT-620 2-Slice Custom Select Toaster4 lbsYes8.38x13x9.38 in2 Check Price
Retro Small Toaster, Blue3.75 lbsYes10.2x7x6.3 in2 Check Price
Cuisinart Countdown 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster4.3 lbsYes12.3x8.3x9 in2 Check Price
KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster, Contour Silver8 lbsYes11.5x12.5x8.3 in4 Check Price
Chitomax Toasters with 2 Extra-Wide Slots3.65 lbsYes10.6x5.9x7.5 in2 Check Price
  • For a bargain and straightforward option, I instantly fell in love with Cuisinart 2 Slice Toaster. This great value appliance contains a lot of features that will come in hand, including multiple browning levels, a beautiful cord storage underneath, reheat, cancel and defrost functions, a removable crumb tray, and many more.
  • During the trial sessions, I defrosted bagels using the appliance and I have to say I was impressed with its toasting speed and the even result. It is also a stylish option that you will be proud to have on your kitchen counter.
  • The stainless steel and smooth silver exterior will impress you straight out of the box. If you’re anything like me, you can also acquire a matching kettle to ensure coordinated kitchen vibes.

Notable features:

  • Even browning
  • Boasts two extra wide slots
  • It’s easy to clean and store
  • Comes with an LCD countdown timer
  • Features 6 different browning levels
  • Includes intelligent safety protection

High-Quality Toaster #2:

  • Another hard to beat and compact option is Keemo’s 2 slice toaster, which I found out was excellent in toasting both thick and thin slices of bread evenly. Retailing in three different colors (blue, dark black, creamy-white), you can choose the one that you think will match best with your kitchen’s interior décor.
  • The toaster is small enough to stay low-key in even the smallest kitchens, yet it is also packed with lots of imperative features, including six browning levels, cancel, defrost and reheat button, integrated cord storage, a removable crumb tray, and many more features.
  • There is also a reliable lift and look function that will permit you to raise and check out the toasting progress of your bread slices without having you switch off the appliance or canceling the procedure.

Notable features:

  • 6 browning levels
  • Comes with a lift and look feature
  • Includes a removable crumb tray
  • High quality
  • Has a retro style that makes it look unique
  • Durable
  • The Cuisinart CPT-415 is a state of the art 2-slice toaster that boasts the longest warranty of all toasters I have tested while coming up with this review. It retails with digital push button controls, such as the automatic lift and look feature that permits you to check the progress of your toasting process without turning off the appliance or canceling the process.
  • For a fully featured digital toaster, this product was excellent when it came to toasting bagels, scoring a whopping 9/10 on my tests. The special bagel setting was exceptional, and the toaster also delivered consistent results with the same quality.
  • Even after repeated, continual testing, it did become a disappointment.

Notable features:

  • Comes with lift and look features
  • Has all functions, including the cancel, reheat, bagel, and defrost functions
  • Boasts a stainless-steel housing
  • Includes aesthetic LED function buttons
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray

High-Quality Toaster #4:

  • Available in a mesmeric silver color, the KitchenAid Kmt4115CU with High Lift Levers is a total stunner. It is also, sturdy and retails with setting that click into place when you twist the dial. I got perfect and even toasting and, of all 4 slot toasters I tested in 2019, this gadget was among the fastest.
  • That said, the only downside is I did not see much distinction between the dark and medium settings. If you’re like me and love a darkly toasted slice, then you may find yourself giving the slices extra cycles. Also, ensure you use the lever to lift the foods out of the slots to avoid burning your hands.

Notable features:

  • Boasts an all metal construction
  • Four extra wide slots
  • Comes with cancel and bagel functions
  • Includes a removable crumb tray
  • Browns evenly

High-Quality Toaster #5:

  • This 2 Slice Toaster by Chitomax boasts six different toast shade setting and 2 extra-wide slots that will fit all bread slice out there. The six different levels of browning setting ensure you have your slices just the way you love them.
  • It also retails with a user-friendly control panel boasting a high lift lever which allows safe removal of small items such as crumbs. The shade setting push button also has selections for cancel, defrost and reheat, which makes it very easy for you to cook your food. The dishwasher safe and removable crumb tray included makes cleaning the appliance easy.

Notable features:

  • It’s relatively lightweight
  • Will blend in with any kitchen décor
  • Six browning levels
  • Retails with a removable crumb tray
  • Includes a one-year warranty


So, there you have it: my list of the best high-quality toasters. Get any of these products and turn your family’s toasting wishes into a reality. In addition, my recommendation out of the five toasters is the Cuisinart CPT-415. This product seems to toast a bagel just right such that the outside is crispy, and the inside remains soft. It also boasts a great combination of style and flexibility.

And what will be the best high-quality toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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