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Best High-End Toaster for Toastie Lovers 2021

Best high end toaster

Fresh mornings for most, if not all American homes start with a cup of coffee and several crispy toasts. And if you do not have the best high-end toaster in your house yet, then you are missing out one of the tastiest delicacies.

All most people crave after waking up from their beds, is the tempting smell of recently toasted bread slices and something they can top it with.

But worry not, because your hunt stops today as I have already prepared a shortlist of the best high-end toasters. All you need to do now is check out my selection, and pick the product that best matches your needs and personal preferences.

Without further delay, let us skip to the main section and look at the best high-end toasters to get in this year and beyond.

The Top 5 High-End Toaster in 2021

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsSlicesPrice
KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster, Silver4.85 lbsYes11.5x7.8x8.3 in2 Check Price
2 Slice Toaster, LOFTER 3.09 lbsYes10.6x6.7x7.1 in2 Check Price
Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster4 lbsYes11.65x6.13x8.4 in2 Check Price
Breville 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster8.25 lbsYes14.9x7.7x7.5 in4 Check Price
Cuisinart CPT-420 2-Slice Toaster3.5 lbsYes6.5x10.5x7 in2 Check Price
  • KitchenAid KMT223 2-Slice Toaster deserves to take this spot in this enumeration because it retails with all features and functionalities you would require in a toaster to prepare the best toasties for years to come.
  • For starters, functions included in this appliance include the defrost, keep warm, cancel, reheat, and bagel settings. The bagel setting allows you to toast only one side of your bagels as expected whereas the keep warm feature allows you to warm up your cold toasties without toasting them any further.
  • Extra features included in this appliance include the LCD display, countdown timer, cord storage, as well as motorized lift. The motorized lift is in place to pop up automatically when your bread slices are done toasting.
  • The LCD display improves the tool’s usability as it makes it easy to use even if it is your first time using the appliance.
  • Another feature worth noting is the fact KitchenAid KMT223 2-Slice Toaster retails with multiple browning levels. This means the tool can accommodate your entire family’s toast preferences. If some people prefer their toasts medium toasted while others prefer them overly dark, then this toaster can deliver them perfectly.
  • When the toasting procedure is done, the toaster will let out an audible signal. The exterior material is also fully metal which ensures the toasters durability, so it can serve you and your family for years to come.
  • The package retails with a one year warranty.

Notable features:

  • Boasts all functions needed including bagel, keep warm, defrost, reheat, and cancel
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Includes a cord storage
  • Compact enough to save on space
  • Retails with a motorized lift and timer to let you know when the toasties are ready
  • LOFTER Mirror Stainless Steel Toaster decides to take it a step further. With its guarantee you will love the product. Not only does the product retail with a one year warranty, but it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • That shows you how much the manufacturing company has faith in this appliance. The money back guarantee means that if you acquire the product and it does not perform as advertised, then you can return it and receive a full refund (but it should be within the thirty day period.)
  • You will also love its LED countdown timer that allows you to know when the toaster is ready. The 1.5” inches slots are also wide enough to fit thick bread slices as well as waffles and bagels without a hassle.

Notable features:

  • Retails with a one year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • LED countdown timer included
  • Extra wide slots that can fit thick bread slices
  • Multiple browning levels to choose your personal preference from
  • Easy to store and clean
  • If there is some unsliced homemade bread slices in your kitchen, then it is time for you to clear room on your kitchen’s countertop for the stainless steel Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster.
  • This appliance retails with two long extra wide slots that can accommodate bread slices of all sizes, including, but not limited to homemade bread slices. If you usually buy regular bread, then even better because you can easily fit up to four regular pieces of bread in this appliance at the same time.
  • The controls on this appliance are also easy to read, improving your user experience. Even if you have never used a high-end toaster before, you can rest assured you won’t have a problem using this appliance after a week of owning it.

Notable features:

  • Browns evenly even after multiple tries
  • Boasts different browning levels
  • Retails with very easy to read controls
  • Boasts a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easy
  • Comes with the reheat, defrost, and bagel settings
  • Every time I switched on this groundbreaking Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster, it created a flawless toasting experience. I had no problem with a wide array of bread slices as well as bagels and frozen waffles thanks to the tools extra wide slots.
  • The color of the appliance will also blend seamlessly with any kitchen interior without a hassle. The metal construction makes the toaster steady as you use it and also improves its durability so it can keep serving you and your family for years.

Notable features:

  • Includes an LED panel
  • Retails with a brushed die-cast metal housing
  • Comes with an intelligent one-touch lowering
  • Delivers consistent results even after multiple uses
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster is a combination of a great presence and amazing features. Imagine a brilliant design and cutting edge technology installed right on your kitchen countertop.
  • The leverless lift and digital interface, as well as a countdown timer, are in place to empower you as you prepare the cuisine you want.
  • As you may know, Cuisinart is a trusted brand by many households thanks to its product’s sheer performance and quality. Add to that some style and you have this product, a toaster that is as efficient as it is good looking.
  • This masterpiece will complement any kitchen space. And if you have a loved one’s birthday or special occasion coming up soon, this is the perfect appliance to get them as a present.
  • Another feature worth noting is its plenty toasting options and easy to understand control interface.
  • When you think about style, innovativeness, and performance, I want you to think of Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster, because this appliance received the best of all worlds.

Notable features:

  • Retails with easy to understand digital controls
  • Boasts a motor powered lift that lets you know when the toast is ready
  • Made out of stainless steel, which boosts its durability and sturdiness
  • Great feel and look
  • Boasts some of the most powerful features


There you have it, my shortlist of the best high-end toaster to get today. In case you are still having a hard time picking the best one from my enumeration, allow me to suggest you my favorite. In fact, it is the one I currently use in my home, and that is the Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless 2-Slice Toaster.

This tool is perfectly sized to save space while complementing your kitchen interior décor at the same time. It also boasts high-end features that helps it to deliver evenly toasted slices even after multiple, consistent uses.

And what will be the best high-end toaster in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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