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Elite Gourmet Long Cool Touch Toaster: Updated Review

Elite Cuisine ECT-4829 Long Slot Cool Touch Toaster

Elite Gourmet is a reputable and trusted brand, best known for making the most reliable kitchen appliances, and the unit we’re going to take a look at in today’s guide is no different.

To ensure that the unit could deliver exactly as advertised, before creating this guide, I went out into the online realm and read up everything I could about this toaster. Subsequently, I placed an order for the unit and then took it through a series of tests that helped me determine its reliability, durability, ease of use, sturdiness, safety features, ease of cleaning, and more.

Without taking up any more of your time, let’s skip to the main section of the guide and take a look at what the Elite Gourmet Long Cool Touch Toaster can deliver.

Elite Gourmet Long Cool Touch Toaster Review

Since I have three kids and a clumsy husband in my home, it’s always a priority that any appliance I invest in be one of the safest to use – and as this toaster’s name suggests, its exterior remains cool to the touch throughout cooking sessions.

If you’re not familiar with the feature, it simply implies that regardless of how long the appliance stays in operation, you can rest assured that its exterior surface won’t get hot even one bit. This protects everyone in your household from any burn injuries.

As you’ll also notice immediately after visiting its product page on Amazon, the unit retails in three different colors and models, namely white, black, and a combination of stainless steel and black. This variety in shades allows you to pick the unit you think will best complement your home or kitchen’s interior décor. I chose the black model.

Unlike most other four-slice toasters out there, this one boasts two extra-long slots that can fit up to four slices. This allows it to have a long slot design that will save you counter space in your kitchen while at the same time blending in seamlessly with your other appliances.

Speaking of the slots, they have also been fitted with automatic self-centering guides that will easily center your bread slices within the slots and ensure even and perfect browning every time.

When you’re done using the appliance to prepare your breakfast, cleaning it won’t be a hassle either, thanks to the fact it retails with a slide-out crumb tray. A slide-out crumb tray is the part of the tool that collects all the dirt, crumbs, and debris that falls from toasted meals. It ensures that no mess is created on the kitchen counter. To clean this Elite Gourmet Long Cool Touch Toaster’s slide-out crumb tray, simply pull it out, empty its contents into a bin or sink, and wipe it off using a clean, damp cloth.

After reviewing and testing my Elite Gourmet Long Cool Touch Toaster model, I gifted it to my niece, who was attending college. That was almost a year ago, and to this day, she claims that the unit performs just as it did when I first gave it to her.



  • Has a long slot design that saves counter space
  • Slots have been fitted with self-centering guides
  • Equipped with a slide-out crumb tray
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The feet are anti-skid even on wet surfaces
  • Delivered delicious and evenly cooked slices
  • Easy storage
  • It will look good on your kitchen counter


  • Some people won’t love the long slot design
  • Doesn’t have a dedicated bagel setting


If you’re in the market looking for a toaster without the unnecessary bells and whistles but one that can instead deliver just as advertised, this is the unit for you. The niece I gifted the unit to had never used a toaster before, but she had no problem figuring out this stroke of genius.

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