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Best Contemporary Toasters in The New Generation in Present-day

Best contemporary toaster

As years passed by, technology brought a huge change in our daily lives. Even in toasters, technology has been used to upgrade the performance of each product making it more reliable and useful for people. The Contemporary Toasters became very popular in the market today. Each product comes with different features that will surely meet the needs of every person.

These toasters might help you to prepare your breakfast easier and faster. This article contains list of contemporary toasters together with its pros and cons. You will surely love the features offered by these products.  It will guide you in buying the right toaster for your home and your family.

Best Contemporary Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTemp. ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
BESTEK Stainless Steel Digital Toaster3.45 lbsYes12x8.7x7.3 in N/A Check Price
. VonShef 220 240 Volts Black Diamond3.7 lbsYes12.9x8.9x7.8 in1000 W Check Price
ODA KITCHEN Toaster3.77 lbsYes14.5x5.5x8.3 in850 W Check Price
Cuisinart CPT-435C Metal Toaster7.3 lbsYes11.2x12.9x8 inN/A Check Price
Hamilton Beach Modern Chrome Toaster3.98 lbsYes11.8x7.5x8.2 in 850 W Check Price

Contemporary Toaster #1:

  • This 2-slice digital toaster can make your toasting experience a lot easier. It has wide bread slots which can accommodate different varieties of bread depending on its thickness, including bagels, buns, thick slices of bread and English muffins. This digital toaster also contains 4 easy settings mode; the toasting, reheating, defrosting and bagel. It also offers 7 levels of shading that will suit your taste perfectly. The adjustments of the browning can be done easily as it has built-in LED display for browning setting. Also has LED round display for countdown timer indicating that the cycle is done.
  • For safety precautions, this digital toaster has high lift lever to remove small sizes of bread higher to prevent yourself from getting burned. Crumb tray easily slides out which makes the cleaning portion easier while keeping crumbs off the counter.

Contemporary Toaster #2:

  • For overseas use, this impressive contemporary toaster works on 220/240-volt in African, Asian, European and Middle East countries. It has 2 round and 3 pin adaptors that will work in countries with 220/240 Volts. Unfortunately, this toaster doesn’t work in North America, USA and Canada.
  • This contemporary toaster has extra wide slots which can carry different types of bread depending on your preferences. It also features high lift lever that will allow you to unload small sizes of bread and comes with reheat and defrost settings depending on your desires. What makes amazing this toaster is that it allows you to cancel the operation during the mid-cycle and also shuts off immediately making it safe to use. The removable crumb tray can be found on the side of the toaster making it easier to clean and avoiding mess.

Contemporary Toaster #3:

  • This toaster has a unique design. With its landscape form, it has wide slots and big inner space which can cater different sizes of bread. Its side loading rack can accommodate any type of bread due to its 11.8*5*2-inch dimensions.  The crumb tray is removable making it easier to clean up after toasting. Also, you can check the condition of your breads through the entrance while the toasting is going on.
  • The external shell of this toaster is made of special retardant polymer (PP) for faster cool down making it safer to touch after a few seconds. Plus, the inner wall is made from low thermal conductivity metal which makes the cool down faster and quicker. This is much better compared to stainless steel as it prevents your hands from burning.

Contemporary Toaster #4:

  • This impressive toaster comes with 4 wide slots which makes it perfect for a huge happy family. This contemporary toaster suits perfectly no matter what the design of your kitchen room is. It is made of smooth brushed stainless steel making it simple yet very elegant. The features are really useful. Comes with LCD countdown timer allowing you to monitor the toasting period easily.
  • Aside from the countdown timer, the function buttons namely the browning level selection, bagel toasting, defrosting, reheating and even cancelation during mid-cycle also comes with LED indicators. An extra high lift lever has also been featured making it easier to pull out tiny pieces of bread without burning your hands. For cleaning the mess, you don’t have to worry because removable crumb tray has also been offered for easy clean ups and restoration. As for safety purpose, the toaster shuts off automatically once the cycle period ended. It is also applicable even though the bread gets jammed.

Contemporary Toaster #5:

  • Despite of its simplicity, the Hamilton Beach Modern Chrome Toaster is said to be one of the best contemporary toasters in the market. This 2-slice toaster has expert toasting performance making it popular. It also comes with wider bread slots and smart buttons allowing you to do the toasting easier and faster. Smart buttons include defrosting, bagel and even cancelling the mid-cycle.
  • What makes this toaster outstanding is that it contains advanced toasting technology that can’t be seen in other products. It ensures consistence results for every cycle even though you are using different varieties of bread. This toaster is also equipped with toast boost and automatic shut off when the toasting is done so that your kitchen will be safe and secured. For cleaning up, it can be done in just a snap of a finger because the crumb tray in this toaster can be removed easily.


Every contemporary toaster comes with unique features and drawbacks. You only have to choose which product will suit your kitchen perfectly. The pros and cons for each gadget that has been indicated above will surely help you to determine on which toaster you are going to pick. Those contemporary toasters that are being mentioned are all proven durable and reliable. Most users are satisfied with their experience in each of the products. If you are going to grab one of it, make sure to choose the toaster that will meet your needs and suit your tastes perfectly. Spending money these days must be done in the wisest ways.

And what will be the best contemporary toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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