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The Top 5 Best Bronze Colored Toasters of Present-day

Best bronze colored toaster

When it comes to choosing the best bronze colored toaster, you ought to consider durability before all other factors. After all, you would like the toaster you pick to keep working for years to come, don’t you? Other than long-lasting specifications, you also ought to think about the basic toaster settings you are more likely to use daily.

If you are more of an avid bagel consumer, for example, you should consider a toaster with a bagel heating feature (also known as single side toasting). And let us not forget about the design. In case you recurrently toast big chunks of bread, you will want to find toasters with wider slots and other compliant features such as a sleek body that won’t take up too much space in the kitchen and cord wrapping.

With this introduction in mind, here is my enumeration of the best bronze colored toasters.

Best Bronze Colored Toasters on the market available today

  • De’Longhi Distinta Collection Oven is one of the most versatile toaster ovens I have ever used. It can broil, defrost, bake and toast as well as dehydrate. In fact, of all toaster ovens I’ve come across, it is the only one that comes with a dehydrator kit.
  • Even better, this compact toaster oven weighs a mesmeric 11.46 pounds, making it easy to move and a space friendly product. Despite its lightweight nature, it can house up to 6 slices of bread in its rack. Another hard to beat feature is the fact De’Longhi Distinta Collection Oven is a two-tier product, so you can utilize its 2 wire racks to prepare distinct foods at the same time.

Notable features:

  • User-friendly
  • Uses minimal energy
  • Allows you to cook on 2 different racks
  • Compact and saves on kitchen space
  • Portable

Bronze Colored Toaster #2:

  • Dualit’s classic styling coupled with modern functions makes the Dualit 2 Slice NewGen Toaster an irresistible addition to both contemporary and retro kitchens. Better yet, beyond its mesmeric looks, this toaster performs brilliantly, offering precise control over the entire toasting procedure.
  • With 2 extra wide toaster slots, the Dualit 2 Slice can handle everything from bagels to thick sliced bread, crumpets and muffins. In addition to that, mechanical timer allows you to control your browning preferences with several clicks in between the numbers to help you get the right level. I also found it to deliver consistent, even results after consecutive tests.

Notable features:

  • Even browning
  • Retails with the pop and peek feature
  • Extra-wide 28mm slots
  • Delivers consistent results
  • Boasts distinct browning levels

Bronze Colored Toaster #3:

  • This bronze colored toaster is not just another bread toaster, it’s a controversial masterpiece. If you’re the kind of person who loves to surround themselves with products that feel and look like they’re from a future era, but function with the current modern technology, then Bonsenkitchen specifically designed this product with you in mind.
  • Its attractive bronze color and styling awards it some personality, implying that it’ll, without a doubt, not be just another appliance in your kitchen space, but something that you will appreciate and cherish because of the aesthetic aspect it breathes into your kitchen space.

Notable features:

  • Is very easy to clean
  • Boasts an extra high lift lever which is convenient for removing small sliced of bread without burning your fingers
  • Includes a sliding crumb tray
  • Extra wide 5 ½-inch slots to accommodate any slice size
  • Retails with a one-year warranty

Bronze Colored Toaster #4:

This bread toaster retails from Black + Decker: a well-renowned name in the realm of kitchen appliances. This firm has been long celebrated for its premium workmanship and this can be witnessed in this quality bread toaster.

Black + Decker TR2900WG retails with two extra-long and wide slots that permit you to toast not only your bread slices, but also bagels, waffles and other snacks. This toaster also includes 7 distinct browning settings you can select from. It is also an 850-watt toaster, so you can rest assured that it’ll prepare your fresh toast pretty quickly if you’re in a hurry.

Notable features:

  • Seven slice browning options
  • Extra wide 5.5 inches slots to accommodate wide slices
  • Sports an enticing champagne color
  • Includes a high lift lever to place the toasted slice in safe reach
  • Comes with self-adjusting guides

Bronze Colored Toaster #5:

  • Just like Black + Decker, Oster has been regarded as one of the best kitchen appliances manufacture over the last couple of years and you can see their care and touch of quality in this bronze colored toaster. Oster 6309 comes with 2 extra wide toaster slots to allow for bagels, Texas toasts, and other thick slices of bread.
  • The only downside of this product is it only accommodates slices of standard height. If you place taller slices into the appliance, they’ll come out uneven. That said, Oster 6309 also retails with seven browning settings, allowing you to prepare the perfect toasts that match your needs and requirements.

Notable features:

  • Includes a removable crumb tray
  • Toasts pop up high enough for you to grab easily
  • Includes frosting and bagel settings
  • Toasts pretty quickly


You’re probably scouring the internet for the best bronze colored toaster because your old one is broken. Or perhaps it just burns bread too fast, toasts unevenly or cannot accommodates bagels. With these requirements in mind, I pick De’Longhi Distinta Collection Oven as the best toaster that’s worth the money. This stroke of genius can tackle some of the tasks handled by full-size ovens, including, roasting vegetable and toasting pizza bagels. It is a more capable appliance than the rest two slot bronze colored toasters.

And what will be the best bronze colored toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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