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The Best Basic Toasters You Can Buy in Present-day

Best basic toaster

In order to review the best basic toasters and craft this detailed wiki, I spent more than 40 hours on YouTube videos, research and editing. I would like you to speed or spruce up your morning habits with one of these basic, yet adaptable toasters that will style up your kitchen while browning your waffle, bagel or bread slice to its perfect brown shade.

I considered each toaster’s features, ease of use and price as well as what must be able to the basic toaster. In addition to that, all toasters I reviewed and tested were two slice models. I reasoned that this is the standard and big enough for most household uses.

Best Basic Toasters on the market available today

Toaster NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
AmazonBasics 2-Slice Toaster2.52 lbsYes10.7x6.4x7.6 in2 Check Price
Two Slice Bread Toaster Stainless Steel 2.75 lbsYes12.4x7.6x6.7 in2 Check Price
Compact Small Toasters 2 Slice, Cream3.85 lbsYes10.2x7x6.3 in2 Check Price
2 Slice Toaster, Chitomax3.65 lbsYes10.6x5.9x7.5 in2 Check Price
Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster2.68 lbsYes11.2x6.3x7.1 in2 Check Price

Basic Toaster #1:

  • At such an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with the Amazon Basics 2-slice toaster. It is not the most aesthetic in this enumeration but fans of the industrial, functional look (yes, I am referring to you, holding the bare light bulb over the breakfast tavern) will like it.
  • At only 850W, it will not take long to toast a bread and there is a nifty pull out rack you can use to warm croissants and rolls too. This toaster performed well with crisp slices nicely toasted up to the edges, and the pull-out tray at the bottom makes cleaning crumbs easier.

Notable Features:

  • Does the job nicely and quickly
  • Comes with extra wide slots
  • Multiple browning levels
  • Includes a removable and dishwasher safe crumb tray

Basic Toaster #2:

  • The very latest toaster from Evening, this aesthetic pop up model toasts all kinds of bread slices right up to their edges, thanks to its two side by side wide slots. It can easily toast bagels on one slot while warming on the other.
  • But that is not the most mesmeric feature of this masterpiece. Toaster Two Slice comes with a removable crumb tray. It catches bread and waffle crumbs in a full width, long-lasting tray. Better yet, the toaster’s nice high lift lever pops up automatically putting everything within safe reach.

Noteable features:

  • Comes with a removable crumb tray
  • Includes an extra lift function to ensure you can safely reach everything in the toaster
  • User-friendly
  • Toasts evenly on both sides
  • Can defrost frozen waffle into a crispy one in less than a minute
  • At such an affordable price, this Compact Small Bread Bagel Toaster is nothing short of a wise investment. Its sleek design appealed to me straight out the box and when I set it up and began toasting, it did not disappoint either.
  • Stylish exterior, with a well-built design and a weighty frame, it is very stable on the kitchen counter without feeling bulky. In addition to that, the two toasting slots are nicely proportioned to handle two tall and thick slices of bread easily. It also showed pretty consistent results after 3 consecutive tests; evenly toasting both slices of bread, easily crisping and defrosting the waffles.

Noteable Features:

  • Evenly toasts both slices
  • Can automatically toast in 6 shades of brown to accommodate your taste
  • Extra wide 1.5-inch slots
  • Built-in cord storage

Basic Toaster #4:

  • Boasting wider than normal slice slots, this Chitomax 2 Slice Toaster can easily hold both bagels and bread. Chitomax’s line of toasters has performed consistently well in the last couple of years and this basic model is no different.
  • It comes with all the functions we love on its state-of-the-art counterparts, including a six-leveled adjustable browning setting from light to dark in order to meet every person’s taste, a removable crumb tray and cord wrap.
  • The crumb tray is easy to pull out, which makes your cleaning routine easy and the cord wrap storage space is friendly to your kitchen counter space. This toaster is also FDA approved and safe to use.

Noteable Features:

  • Includes multiple toasting modes with LED indicators
  • Saves kitchen space
  • Features 7-level adjustable brown settings
  • FDA approved
  • The crumb tray makes cleaning easy
  • The seven-shade setting on this toaster allows for a range of control over foods you toast in the toaster. This 7-level adjustable browning control permits you to toast your slices to perfection, as per your taste and preference.
  • In addition to that, you can also use the function to defrost, reheat or toast bagels. Another benefit worth noting is the fact Ylufa toaster is not bulky, so it saves space in the kitchen. Even if you do not live in a tiny New York City apartment, I bet your kitchen counter is a valuable real estate. With that in mind, I favor this toaster that looks conservatively proportioned and thoughtfully designed.

Noteable Features:

  • Includes a 7-shade setting
  • Comes with a bagel and defrost setting
  • Anti-overheating protection system
  • The carriage handle automatically springs up when the bread has been toasted


If you are looking for a nicely built toaster that can deliver consistent results and also boasts high tech touches, get the Compact Small Bread Bagel Toaster. This model outperforms similar toaster in its price category, so I urge you to pick it if it fits your preference and household needs. Another reason this toaster takes the lead as the best basic toaster is the fact it is pocket friendly but still performs as well as toasters in higher price ranges.

And what will be the best basic toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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