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Top 5 Baby-Blue Toasters, Tried and Tested in Present-day

Best baby blue toaster

I have not always been one to scout the internet for the best baby blue toasters as I was a little bit skeptical of them in the past. I blame this skepticism on the fact that I spent half of my adult life in cramped quarters.

For five years straight, for instance, the free space in my Baltimore kitchen had one square foot of free counter space, which made me unwilling to allocate the little space to a single task piece of equipment; particularly if I could accomplish the same task using my oven broiler (with minimal effort.)

But then my Son came along. And he decided on his own that bagel (breakfast tarts, frozen waffles, bread and the entire toast-able gluten verse) would be the foundation of his meals. At this point, a toaster was necessary, but could I find one that was sturdy enough to withstand near constant use, nicely designed to fit in my small kitchen place and reliable to execute a grab bag of tasks effectively, whether during a leisure weekend brunch or rushed school day?

I thoroughly researched up to 15 models from all price ranges and here are my best picks.

Best Baby Blue Toasters on the market available today

Baby Blue Toaster #1:

  • At first, I had suspicions this Smeg toaster was one of those “all style but no substance” appliances, but I have never been further from the truth. Using this stroke of genius is like having a sports car in your kitchen; with its expertly proportioned and well-built baby blue exterior, innovative control knob that spins with a satiating click and a sleek chrome toasting lever that fits in your hand like a gear shift.
  • Better yet, Smeg 50’s does not just sit on your kitchen counter and look beautiful but even after toasting at high, medium and low settings, bread slices emerged equally toasted. Bagels and waffles expertly balanced between crunchy and chewy.

Notable features:

  • Boasts a good-looking retro design
  • Perfect for making waffles and bagels
  • Retails in several colors
  • 2 extra wide slots
  • Toasters from Dualit are slice above other toasters for me. Most people stick to their exterior designs and I agree, they are iconic, especially when fully clad in conventional stainless steel with a baby blue shade.
  • For me though, it is their easy to repair nature and superior engineering that makes them greater in a realm where lots of appliances are disposable. The Dualit 2 Slice Classic toaster, uses toasting elements with more filaments than usual.
  • These filaments also work pretty quickly, preparing the best toast in less than three minutes. The toaster also boasts a protecting layer across the topside, so it cannot damage easily when you predictably dig out a bit of crust using your knife.

Notable features:

  • Consistent results for a long time
  • Even browning
  • 2 Extra-wide slots
  • Boasts multiple browning levels

Baby Blue Toaster #3:

  • There are lots of decent toasters out there in the marketplace, but DeLonghi makes some of the best-looking ones. The Pop-up Toaster first attracted me with its muted baby blue shade, but it was also extremely practical in my small kitchen as it is both cool and fairly compact.
  • DeLonghi Pop up boasts a wide variety of functionalities, including a bagel mode to achieve that crisp on 1 side and doughy on the other. Even better, the 2 slots are long, so you can quickly lie bread down in them. That said, there isn’t as much lift as I would like; so small items are a hassle to retrieve.

Notable features:

  • 2 long slots
  • Makes great toast
  • Operates at the same temperature for a long time
  • Includes a bagel setting to toast a single side of a bagel
  • If you would love a retro look, a Russel Hobbs toaster will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances. And that is not all it brings to the table. This masterpiece is remarkably fast, toasting 4 bread slices in less than 2 minutes while offering consistent browning across the entire slices.
  • Other handy functionalities (besides the impressive six browning options and cancel, reheat & defrost buttons) it includes a lift and peep feature, so you can check how your breakfast is coming while it’s still cooking and a countdown timer tells you exactly how much time you have to get the coffee, marmalade, and butter ready.

Notable features:

  • Includes a lift and peep feature
  • Sleek design
  • Toasts fast
  • Comes with a countdown timer
  • 6 browning options

Baby Blue Toaster #5:

  • If you buy a range of artisan bread or bake your own, you will love the adaptability of this toaster. It retails with 2 extra-long slots that’ll hold 2 slices of standard bread. The slots are 1.5 inches wide, so you can also toast bagels, croissants and thick bread.
  • The toaster has distinct settings for toast color and functionalities such as keeping the toast warm, reheating toast, and defrosting frozen bread products. The toaster’s level is designed to make it easy for you to lift small pieces of bread high enough to remove them from the toaster.

Notable features:

  • Extra-wide slots
  • Cooling features
  • Affordable
  • Even browning
  • Motorized Lift


The main choice you’ll need to make when choosing from this enumeration of the best baby blue toaster is the number of slots you would like: Dualit 2 Slice Classic Baby Blue Toaster or Russel Hobbs Retro Style Baby Blue Toaster. Two slot models are impressive for compact kitchens and households with few people. If your kitchen has more space, or have a large household, then Russell Hobbs is a better choice.

And what will be the best baby blue toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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