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The 5 Best 4-slice Bread Toasters for Sale in Present-day

Best 4 bread toaster

From egg sandwiches to tuna melts, toasts are one of the most versatile and commonly consumed meals in the world. And since they are the most liked meals, it is no wonder their maker (the almighty toaster) is one of the most famous kitchen appliances. The only downside with this appliance is, if you have a family, the 2 slice models are just not going to cut it. So, what is the best way to prepare enough toasts for your family quickly? Yes, you guessed right! You need the best 4-slice toaster.

With the best 4-slice toaster, you can quickly prepare double amount of toasts that you would have prepared with a 2-slice toaster if you, your kids, or your significant other are in a hurry. However, just like most appliances in the kitchen, there are lots of 4-slice toasters to choose from in the marketplace.

And to save you the time of trying to figure out which ones are the best of the best, I have rounded up an enumeration of the five best 4-slice toasters for you.

Without further ado, let us skip to the main section of the post.

The Top 5 4-slice Bread Toaster available today

  • It’s no wonder CPT 180 is the first product in our list because Cuisinart has one of the biggest names in the realm of kitchen appliances. This retro-style toaster will add just the ideal amount of whimsy into your kitchen space.
  • Better yet, the product retails in five different shades, including, black chrome, black stainless, brushed stainless, metallic grey, and metallic red. This wide range of colors allows you to choose the color that best matches your, personal preference, and suits the kitchen’s interior decor.
  • If you’re not getting the product for yourself, or if you think about getting two (one for you and one as a gift for your friend), then the wide array of colors will also come in handy. Having said that, this 4-slice toaster is also more than just aesthetic and stylish. It is super functional as well.
  • It boasts dual controls on the front side, preparing 2-2 bread slices differently. These controls are impressive because they allow you to easily adjust each side of your preferred settings. This implies you can prepare toasts in the same toaster but have them coming out in different shades.

Notable features:

  • Features an aesthetic retro style
  • Comes with the extra lift tool to ensure you do not burn your fingers
  • Boasts a slide-out crumb tray
  • Retails with LED indicator lights
  • Includes all the basic control settings including bagel setting, defrost, dual reheat, and 6-shading browning.
  • Different color options available for you to choose from
  • Time saver
  • Two distinct and independent toasters in one unit
  • This is a product from another leading manufacturer in the realm of kitchen appliances. In fact, this Black and Decker toaster shares lots of features with the Cuisinart product we just reviewed above. Just like CPT 180, Black and Decker TR4310FBD is a bid model that can handle up to four bread slices or even two halved bagels without a hassle.
  • The tool’s extra wide slots also permit to accommodate thick cut bread slices. The only downside to this appliance’s slots is that it does not handle bread slices that are taller than the regular size too well. This could be a disappointment to you if you use homemade bread slices that are larger and taller in size, but you can always cut them in half.
  • Other than that, the four slots are impressive as they’re controlled using two distinct sides of controls. This means you can have one set of slices slightly toasted while the other set comes out highly toasted.

Notable features:

  • Boasts a modern design
  • Includes the extra lift to ensure not burning your fingers
  • Comes with self-centering guides to keep slices in the perfect position
  • Extra-wide slots to fit bagels and thick breads
  • Boasts seven different browning levels

4-slice Bread Toaster #3:

  • All the products we’re going to review today retail from some of the leading manufacturers in the world.
  • KitchenAid is another one of the best brands in this class. The manufacturer is most renowned for his stand mixers and how most, if not all of its products are top of the line. KMT4115ER is no different.
  • This toaster also boasts two distinct temperature controls with five browning settings. This allows you to achieve your desired toasting levels on each side of the appliance.

Notable features:

  • Includes a convenient cord storage
  • Four extra wide 1 ½-inches slots
  • Boasts a simple, yet elegant design
  • Has multiple browning levels
  • LED indicator lights
  • Manual High-Lift lever to raise the smallest slices for easy access

This Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 4 Slice Toaster is an outstanding toaster that retails with some extremely useful and nifty features and functions. Better yet, this classic and sleek design will match any interior kitchen décor and also retails with an easy to clean crumb tray that you can slide out effortlessly from below your device.

The appliance also retails with extra wide slots in order to hold thick slices and bagels easily without the worry of smooshing. Try it out and I guarantee you’ll love it.

Notable features:

  • Comes with a removable crumb tray
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Extra wide slots included
  • Compact and won’t take up too much space
  • Multiple browning levels
  • You will not encounter any problem when toasting whatever you like in this KRUPS KH734D toaster with Chrome and Brushed stainless steel housing.
  • This toaster also retails with four self-centering, extra-large slots, so you can properly position your bread slices to cook them to perfection. Like the previously reviewed toasters in this enumeration, KRUPS KH734D also retails with dual independent control panels that make it two different toasters in one.

Notable features:

  • Backed by a two-year worldwide warranty
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Durable
  • Six browning settings and high lift lever


After extensive research and testing, I pick Cuisinart CPT 180 as the best 4-slice Toaster out there in the market. It is a fun, yet stylish toaster that’ll complement any kitchen interior. Better yet, the retro design will lend a touch of whimsy and the different shades imply you can pick the perfect appliance for you.

And what will be the 4-slice toaster next year? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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