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The 5 Best Toaster Oven Coffee Makers Today: Buyers’ Guide in 2021

Best toaster oven coffee maker

If your google search sent you here, then I’m sure you noticed that the internet is filled with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of websites all claiming to provide the best product reviews. With that in mind, I bet you may be asking yourself subconsciously, “What separates cooking indoor for the rest?”

Well, the best way to answer that question is to give you our research and testing methods that help us create all the guides you’ll find on this website.

First, I start by reviewing a wide array of products on the internet and creating a list of the best 30 that I think will meet my standards. Consequently, I place an order for all the thirty products so I can take them through a series of testing sessions to gauge their consistency, sturdiness, safety measures, versatility, ease of cleaning, and ease of use.

If you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of money to spend for a review”, worry not. I use the results from my testing sessions to create more than 20 different reviews, so at the end of the day, it’s usually worth it.

Anyway, when a product arrives from Amazon, I head out to buy at least 15 loaves of bread and toast every single slice in the toaster oven without giving the appliance time to rest. Only when a toaster maintains its consistency throughout the session do I move on to test other features.

Now that you have a rough idea of how far I go to ensure I only include products that can meet your needs and requirements, we can skip to the next section of the post and look at the best toaster oven coffee makers money can buy today.

The Top 5 Best Toaster Oven Coffee Makers in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station13.1 lbsYes19.2 x 11.7 x 11.5 in4 Check Price
3-in-1 Breakfast Maker7.5 lbsYes8 x 9.5 x 15.5 inches4 Check Price
3-in-1 Breakfast Maker7.85 lbsYes19.63 x 9.5 x 10 in6 Check Price
Toaster Oven Griddle10.63 lbsYes15.5 x 9.5 x 8.75 in4 Check Price
Breakfast Station Toaster3 lbsYes15.75 x 8.86 x 7.48 in4 Check Price

Toaster Oven Coffee Maker #1:

  • Are you tired of getting to work/school late or leaving your house in a hurry with empty stomach each morning because your breakfast takes too long to prepare? Then allow me to introduce you the Nostalgia BSET300RETRORED breakfast station.
  • This masterpiece will brew 4 cups of coffee, cook eggs, and toast your slices – all at the same time. So, in short, your entire breakfast can take less than four minutes to prepare with this masterpiece.
  • It has also been fitted with 1500 watts of power and a 30-minute timer. The two of them coupled together will allow the appliance to handle anything you throw in it. Also, the timer includes an auto shut off feature. This means that once the time you have set runs out, the appliance will switch off automatically to ensure your meals do not overcook.
  • The package you will receive from Amazon will also include a non-stick griddle and a removable crumb tray, both of which make your work easier during cleaning sessions. The crumb tray will collect all the dirt and debris that fall off of your cooked meals – and to clean it, all you ought to do is take it out carefully, empty its content into a bin, and wipe it off using a damp cloth. For thorough cleaning sessions, here is a guide on how to clean the interior of a toaster oven.
  • To top it off, the appliance retails in two different colors, red and aqua. This makes it easier for you to pick the appliance in the shade that best complements your interior décor.

Notable features:

  • Fitted with 1500 watts of power
  • Easy to clean
  • Delivers delicious, evenly cooked meals
  • It is 40 percent faster than regular toaster ovens
  • Compact to save on kitchen counter space
  • Lightweight and portable

Toaster Oven Coffee Maker #2:

  • The thing that first attracted me to this model is the fact it’s backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty. This implies that in case the product runs into any issues within the first year of acquiring it, the manufacturer will fix it up for you at no extra cost.
  • The warranty is also there to show you that the brand has faith in the product they’re selling you. Better yet, one of my work friends found the toaster oven on my kitchen counter after testing it and said that she has been using it for the last three years; So naturally, I asked her how it had served her, and she claimed that it had never run into any issue.
  • The only downside she could think of was the fact that the 5-liter capacity it offers was a bit too small now because her family had grown a lot.
  • Speaking of families, if you have children in your household, then I think you’ll appreciate this toaster oven’s cool to the touch exterior. This implies that the appliance has been perfectly insulated and anyone who comes into contact with it during operations will not sustain any burn injuries.

Notable features:

  • Sturdily built
  • Durable
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Can prepare up to 4 cups of coffee
  • Fitted with a 15-minute timer and auto shut off feature
  • The exterior surface remains cool to the touch during operations
  • Has a power cord storage underneath
  • Easy to use and clean

Toaster Oven Coffee Maker #3:

  • The third product in our review is also from Sunpentown. If that tells you anything about the brand, it’s that they have been around long enough to get in tune with what their clients desire. But what sets this SPT BM-1118 model apart?
  • While reviewing the product on the internet, I noticed that the manufacturer had stated it can be used in commercial settings, i.e. restaurants, hotels, and resorts. My first thought after seeing that was, “Well, if it can handle the needs of a restaurant, then nothing will slow it down that you throw in it.”
  • Anyway, after taking it through a series of tests, like all other models in this review, I am 90 percent convinced that the model qualifies as one of the best restaurant toaster ovens. The product also boasts a great design and color combination that allows it to blend in with any kitchen interior décor. That’s a great plus because, after all, the product will spend most of its life sitting idle on a kitchen counter.

Notable features:

  • From a reputable brand
  • Can be used in commercial settings
  • Very versatile
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The surfaces do not show fingerprint marks after using

Toaster Oven Coffee Maker #4:

  • Think of this model as the tiffany box of toaster ovens – luxury in a small, beautiful package. In fact, it’s the one I used for a long time when I was single, and it never failed me even once. What’s more? The amount of breakfast it could prepare was always enough for my two roommates and me.
  • Use the 15-minute timer and 500 watts of power it delivers to create combinations that will be delicious meals. Note, however: ensure you do not come into direct contact with the griddle at the top. It gets excessively hot during operations. Be extra careful when you have children in your household.

Notable features:

  • Aesthetic
  • Versatile
  • Fitted with a 15-minute timer
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a power cord storage underneath

Toaster Oven Coffee Maker #5:

  • If you treasure uniqueness and are looking for the best toaster oven coffee maker that also doubles up as the best unique toaster oven, then allow me to introduce you the Elite Cuisine ECT-819B 2-in-1 breakfast station.
  • The unit boasts toasting slots on the top side and a coffee maker at the back. These applications have also been perfectly placed in a way that allows the model to save on kitchen counter space. To top it off, the slots on top boast self-centering guides. These will ensure your slices are always positioned in a way that enables them to come out evenly and perfectly toasted.

Notable features:

  • Compact to save on space
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with an adjustable toast shade selector
  • Will look aesthetic on any kitchen counter


If you’ve seen a model that you think will best meet your toasting needs and requirements, then I recommend you go ahead and place an order while stock lasts.

That said, in case you like more than one model and are having a hard time making an educated decision, then allow me to share my professional opinion. If I were to pick from the five models above, I’d choose the Nostalgia BSET300RETRORED as my favorite toaster oven coffee maker, simply due to the fact it did everything the other models did but delivered the meals faster than all of them.

My husband and I have to leave early in the morning six days a week, so this model is literally a lifesaver. Give it a try and remember to let me know what you think.

And what will be the best toaster oven coffee maker in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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