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The 6 Best Space Saving Toaster Ovens Today: Buyers’ Guide in 2021

Best space saver toaster oven

In a perfect world, we would all be able to acquire as many cooking appliances as we like and still have all the space in the world left to add whatever gets invented in the near future. There would be no interferences, no clutter, and no need for compact kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in the world we’re currently living in.

So, if like me, you have a small kitchen space, live in a camper/Rv, or are staying in a dorm, you will need a compact toaster oven that isn’t too small not to meet your needs but at the same time not too big not to fit in the small space you’ve set aside for it on your kitchen counter.

With your needs in mind, I decided to go out before you and find the best of these appliances that won’t disappoint in the cooking department either. I even created a shortlist of the best six, so all you ought to do now is go through the list and pick the product that you think will best meet your needs and requirements.

Let’s jump right into the review.

The Top 6 Best Space Saving Toaster Ovens in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Air Fryer Oven23 lbsYes14.44 x 14.17 x 13.77 in6 Check Price
Geek Chef Air Fryer Toaster Oven24,8 lbsYes18.31 x 16.93 x 17.33 in6 Check Price
Compact Toaster Oven7.5 lbsYes12 x 13 x 10.25 in4 Check Price
COMFEE' Toaster Oven Countertop7.78 lbsYes16.25 x 13 x 10 in6 Check Price
Mini Toaster Oven Cooker4.27 lbsYes9.2 x 9.1 x 9 in4 Check Price
Courant Toaster Oven9.53 lbsYes14.75 x 12.5 x 11.25 in4 Check Price

Space Saver Toaster Oven #1:

  • If you’ve been following my reviews for a while now (which I really hope you have been), then you remember that I mentioned that the best way to select a kitchen appliance or separate the best from the rest is to start by looking at their brands.
  • Well, this unit doesn’t quite meet those requirements. From time to time, you’ll come across units that can even put the best high-end toaster ovens to shame, and this MOOSOO Air Fryer Oven is one of such masterpieces.
  • The first time I came across this toaster oven was in a friend’s restaurant. He served me toasties made by this appliance, and they were honestly the most delicious I had tried up to that point. For that reason, I promised that if I ever create a list that requires the most reliable toaster ovens, I’d give the appliance a try – after all, if it can handle the needs of a restaurant, then you can rest assured that nothing your family desires will slow down.
  • So, when the appliance arrived from Amazon, I decided to test if its 1500 watts of power could perform consistently for a considerable period of time. I went out, acquired 40 loaves of bread, and toasted every single slice using the appliance (back-to-back and without giving it any time to rest.)
  • Needless to say, the fact the unit is in this enumeration means it performed exceptionally. The last slice to go in came out just as perfectly and evenly toasted as the first one to go in. Better yet, the appliance delivered these slices in less than two minutes, which is faster than some of the best time-saving toaster ovens I’ve had the pleasure of testing.

Notable features:

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Very powerful
  • Can handle anything you throw in it
  • Has an LED display to make it easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Very versatile
  • Has a spacious interior capacity of 18L

Space Saver Toaster Oven #2:

  • I heard about this unit from an athletic friend who kept praising its air frying setting that could cut more than 85 percent of fats from any meal. Of course, I was already familiar with the air frying setting at the time, but the friend kept pointing out that it delivered some of the most delicious meals as well.
  • Well, after putting it through a series of test sessions, I have to agree. Meals prepared by this unit were just as delicious (if not more) as those that had been deep-fried in oil. While checking out the product’s features online, I also noticed that its manufacturing company was backing it with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support. If that doesn’t prove that the unit qualifies as one of the best reliable toaster ovens, I do not know what does.
  • In the package you’ll receive from Amazon, you’ll also find a removable crumb tray, a drip tray, an air fryer basket, and an oven rack. All these are there to improve the appliance’s flexibility in the kitchen. Foods you can prepare using the unit include lamb, French fries, vegetables, popcorn, skewer, cookies, wings, toast, steak, pizza, fish, chicken, and cake.

Notable features:

  • Versatile
  • Cooks healthy meals
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime support
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Reliable and durable
  • Sturdy

Space Saver Toaster Oven #3:

  • In all the toaster oven guides I create, I try my best to include at least one of the best durable toaster ovens too. This doesn’t mean that all the other units aren’t durable, or they are inferior in any sense of the word. It simply means that these durable units have been specifically designed to be knocked around, and this Panasonic FlashXpress NB-G110P Toaster Oven is one of such appliances.
  • I even have a friend who has been using the unit for around two years now, and when I reached out to him to ask how the appliance still performed, he pointed out that it had never run into any issues.
  • As you will see on Panasonic FlashXpress NB-G110P Toaster Oven’s product page on Amazon, the appliance has also been fitted with double infrared heating high-efficiency quartz and ceramic infrared heating elements. These are its highest qualities out there, explaining why the appliance was able to deliver perfect end evenly toasted slices in less than two minutes.

Notable features:

  • Retails from a reputable brand
  • Its heating elements are of the highest quality
  • Has a long power cord
  • Cooks quickly and delivers delicious meals
  • The Interior is sufficiently spacious to serve a family
  • The exterior surface remains cool to the touch during operations

Space Saver Toaster Oven #4:

  • If you’re all about practicality and are looking for the best easy to use toaster oven without all the unnecessary bells and whistles, then this Comfee’ CFO-BB102 Toaster Oven could be the masterpiece you’re looking for.
  • That said, do not let that fool you into thinking the appliance cannot deliver. I took it through the same series of tests I took the other appliances and it passed all of them with flying colors.
  • What’s more? It has been backed by a 1-year product warranty. The company’s customer service is also available 24/7 to help you out with any issues. As you can see in the image above, the appliance also retails with two rack positions that will allow you to prepare a wide array of meals to your liking.

Notable features:

  • Backed by a one-year product warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Fitted with a 30-min timer
  • Delivers flexible rack positions
  • The feet are anti-skid on wet surfaces

Space Saver Toaster Oven #5:

  • Do you have a loved one’s wedding or party coming up and you’re trying to get them the perfect gift? If yes, then allow me to introduce you the Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven. This unit retails in four different colors (red, yellow, pink, and blue), increasing your chances of getting one in a shade that best complements the recipient’s kitchen interior décor.
  • It has also been backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty just like the product above. But unlike the previous one, this has been fitted with 550 watts of power and the package you will receive from Amazon includes a recipe database access, recipe book, removable crumb tray, oven rack, and a baking tray. The last three accessories are removable and dishwasher safe, which makes your work easy during cleaning sessions. Here is a guide on how to clean the interior of your toaster ovens.

Notable features:

  • Designed by a U.S. based company
  • Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Perfect wedding or party gift
  • Will evenly cook all your meals
  • Powerful
  • The package will include accessories to increase the tool’s flexibility

Space Savier Toaster Oven #6:

  • This stroke of genius possesses a galvanized interior, a stainless-steel front, two rack positions, and a tempered glass door. These coupled with the 900 watts of power it is proven that the unit has been built to last. Courant Toaster Oven has also been fitted with a 30-minute timer, a wide temperature range of 250 – 425 Fahrenheit, and an auto shut off feature. The last feature will always ensure that your meals do not get overcooked.
  • Let’s top it off with parts that have been included in the package that’ll come with the appliance. These include a backing pan, toasting rack, and a removable crumb tray.

Notable features:

  • Retails from a reputable brand
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a unique design
  • Cooks fast
  • Will look aesthetic on your kitchen counter
  • Very powerful


After testing all the units above, I even decided to replace one of my toaster ovens, that had served me for two years, with the MOOSOO Air Fryer Oven model. So obviously, if I were to advise you to pick any unit from the list above it would be that. It was easy to clean, reliable, versatile, powerful, spacious, and remained consistent throughout the testing session.

To top it off, the toaster oven also looks extremely aesthetic on a kitchen counter.

And what will be the best space saver toaster oven in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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