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Best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens: As Recommended by Experts in 2021

Toaster definition

Even though a microwave may seem like the most ideal kitchen staple, rest assured that a toaster oven increases any cook’s cooking options by a long shot. This masterpiece’s capabilities go beyond just making toasts, as they can also reheat leftovers, broil burgers, bake cookies, roast vegetables, and more. Some of the best modern toaster ovens even retail with features like slow cooking, convection, and even air frying.

What’s more? The best toaster oven heats up quickly (thanks to its compactness) and will come in handy any time your full-sized regular oven is maxed out, or when you are cooking for a small number of people.

That said, just because the appliance can deliver all these features doesn’t mean it should consume energy the same way a regular toaster oven does – and that’s what inspired me to set out into the marketplace before you and create a review of the best low wattage toaster ovens that will save you some hard-earned dollars in the long run.

The Top 5 Best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Mini Toaster Oven4.59 lbsYes9.4 x 8.9 x 8.9 in2 Check Price
Countertop Toaster Oven4.79 lbsYes13 x 8 x 6.75 in2 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven7.85 lbsYes11 x 9 x 15.5 in4 Check Price
Courant Toaster Oven9.53 lbsYes14.75 x 12.5 x 11.25 in2 Check Price
Small Toaster Oven6.09 lbsYes11.5 x 11 x 9.8 in2 Check Price

Low Wattage Toaster Oven #1:

  • If a loved one’s special occasion is coming up and you’re looking for the best gift option, then this Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 could be what you’re looking for. The appliance retails in four different colors, including yellow, pink, red, and the aqua shade you can see in the image above, which means you can likely get it in the recipient’s favorite color.
  • In the toasting department, it doesn’t let you down either. In fact, it does more than just toast bread slices. It can also bake cookies, paninis, and pizza slices – and is perfect for picky eaters. In addition to that, its mini size makes it more energy-efficient than regular-sized toaster ovens and even though the difference isn’t that huge, it builds up over time.
  • It also boasts a temperature adjustment knob to help you ensure your meals always come out perfectly toasted. And when your meal is ready, the appliance will automatically shut off to ensure the food does not get overcooked.
  • In the package you will also find a one-year manufacturer’s warranty certificate. Keep it safe in case the appliance runs into any issues within the first year, you can get either get it fixed or receive a new one at no extra cost to you.

Notable features:

  • Retails in four different colors
  • Compact to save on space
  • Perfect gift option
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to use and clean, thanks to its removable baking tray and oven rack
  • Boasts a temperature control knob
  • The package you’ll receive will include additional cooing accessories

Low Wattage Toaster Oven #2:

  • My daughter walked in while I was reviewing this toaster oven and literally begged me to order it because it was cute. I did, even though I honestly didn’t think it would qualify to make it into this list. But it wouldn’t be a great loss either, because whether it did or not, I was gifting it to her after the tryout. After all, she’s the reason I acquired it in the first place.
  • That said, when the product arrived, it exceeded my expectations. It could perfectly and evenly toast slices in less than 3 minutes, making it perfect for people who tend to leave their homes in a hurry each morning.
  • It also boasts a cool to the touch exterior surface, which is essential if I am going to gift it to my daughter. For those who are not familiar with this feature, it means that the appliance’s exterior surface won’t get too hot during operations, which in turn protects anyone who accidentally comes into contact with the appliance.

Notable features:

  • Very aesthetic
  • The power cord is sufficiently long
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Retails in two different models
  • Has a power indicator light
  • The package includes a wire rack and a baking pan
  • If you have limited counter space in your kitchen, then allow me to introduce you the BLACK+DECKER TO1322SBD, which offers fast cooking functions and easy to use controls coming in a small package. Due to its compact size, this 4-slice toaster oven isn’t a great replacement for a conventional oven, since it will not fit meals sufficient for more than a few individuals, let alone whole sheets of cookies.
  • That said, everything else this masterpiece does, is done extremely well. And the things it does are quite simple – typical toaster oven stuff including, but not limited to baking, broiling, reheating, and toasting.
  • While researching for this review, users’ experienceon this appliance proved it is inherently usable – particularly because all users agreed that it is the simplest, yet most intuitive toaster oven they have ever come across. Also, it heats meals evenly and quickly. Unlike most other models you will come across, it also retails with both ceramic and quartz heating elements, which when coupled together deliver near-instantaneous heating. This implies that you will not have to worry about waiting for the appliance to preheat and you can put in your meals right away after setting the temperature.
  • For effective and easy cleaning, just wipe down the appliance’s interior using a damp cloth. The compact nature makes it easy for you to wipe down using just your hand.

Notable features:

  • Boasts a compact design to save on space
  • Retails in two different colors to help you pick the one that best matches your interior décor
  • Has a 30-minute timer and automatic shut off feature
  • In your package, you will also receive a baking rack and pan
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Easy to clean

Low Wattage Toaster Oven #4:

  • Our fourth low wattage toaster oven is also from Courant. If that doesn’t prove that the company is in tune with what its clients want, then I do not know what would.
  • Just like the other models, this model was designed to save you counter space. but thanks to its tall design, it delivers a 12-liter capacity, which is sufficient to accommodate 2 slices of pizza or up to four artisan bread slices. Courant Toaster Oven also boasts a 30-minute timer – and when it runs out, the appliance will automatically turn off and let out a signal bell to ensure your food doesn’t get overcooked.

Notable features:

  • Built to last for a long time
  • Accessories are included in the package you will receive from Amazon
  • Retails with a 30-minute timer and an oven signal
  • Spacious interior
  • Easy to use and clean

Low Wattage Toaster Oven #5:

  • If you hate cleaning as much as I do, then allow me to introduce you this Koolla Toaster Oven. This appliance’s baking tray, crumb tray, and oven rack are all removable and dishwasher safe, ensuring quick clean-up and a spotless countertop in your kitchen.
  • It is also super versatile and can prepare a wide array of meals, including cookies, paninis, pizza, bagels, and toasties. The exterior surface also remains cool to the touch during operations, so the appliance is safe to use around your children.

Notable features:

  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Is a perfect gift
  • The knobs are easy to contour
  • Easy to use


If you live alone and are looking for the best low wattage toaster oven that can also deliver perfectly and evenly cooked meals, then I recommend you try out the BLACK+DECKER TO1322SBD Toaster Oven. This toaster oven lacks the fancy settings and presets delivered by its pricier brethren, but if what you care about is results and efficiency, then this model is a top pick.

And what will be the best low wattage toaster oven in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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