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The 5 Best Electric Toaster Ovens in 2021 – According to Experts

Best electric toaster oven

The uses of one of these electric toaster ovens go way beyond simply making toasties like a regular toaster. A great toaster oven acts as a small conventional oven – and if you pick the best spacious toaster oven, it can even replace your big oven altogether.

With that in mind, to make sure that each product in this enumeration can meet anyone’s needs and requirements, I personally took them through a series of tests to ensure they can bake a batch of cookies or potatoes, are easy to clean, preheat faster, use less energy, and so much more.

So whichever unit you pick, you can rest assured it won’t let you down.

Without further ado, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at the best electric toaster ovens money can buy today.

The Top 5 Best Electric Toaster Ovens in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer21 lbsYes15.5 x 16 x 14 in8 Check Price
Compact Smart Oven14.52 lbsYes15 x 17 x 10 in4 Check Price
4-Slice Toaster Oven7.3 lbsYes11.63 x 16.86 x 9.07 in4 Check Price
Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven54.1 lbsYes15.7 x 13.7 x 13.7 in6 Check Price
Elite Gourmet Countertop Toaster Oven4.84lbsYes13 x 8 x 6.75 in2 Check Price
  • When this masterpiece arrived from Amazon, I started testing its consistency. I took bread slices through the toasting setting – 1st started toasting few slices on dark, medium, and dark settings, then subsequently toasting six and eight slices at the same time. Needless to say, all slices came out perfectly and evenly toasted. This testing phase proved that the low setting just barely kisses the slices with shade, the medium one resulted in evenly browned golden slices, whereas the darkest setting delivered well toasted, but not burnt meals.
  • Beyond its ability to toast, I also put the oven through a second series of cooking tests including, but not limited to roasting whole chickens, melting cheese on tuna sandwiches, broiling asparagus, baking sugar cookies, heating frozen pizza, and baking potatoes.
  • As expected, its small size meant it cannot accommodate as much food as a traditional wall oven – but this coupled with the convection setting fitted in the appliance allowed Cuisinart AirFryer to deliver meals in a timely manner while at the same time being energy efficient.
  • The third thing I tested on this appliance is its safety. I always have kids running around my kitchen while cooking so any cooking appliance I pick must have a cool to the touch exterior. For those not accustomed to this feature it simply refers to an appliance’s surface to remain 100% cool during operations, so it does not injure anyone that comes into contact with it.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful
  • Boasts a spacious interior
  • Accessories included in the package are an air fryer basket and rack, baking pan, and an oven rack
  • Has been fitted with an adjustable thermostat and a 60-minute timer
  • Will automatically shut off when your meal is ready
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use for beginners

Electric Toaster Oven #2:

  • Breville BOV650XL boasts 8 cooking functions, namely reheat, cookies, pizza, broil, roast, bake, bagel and toast. Activate the bagel setting when you want to toast only one side of your meals and use the reheat setting to warm up your leftovers after you get home from a long working day in less than 30 seconds.
  • It also has a non-stick cavity coating and comes with a removable crumb tray – both of which work together to make cleaning the appliance a breeze. Here is a detailed guide on how to clean the inside of a toaster oven.

Notable features:

  • Aesthetic
  • Very spacious
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use and clean

Electric Toaster Oven #3:

  • Unlike most convection toaster ovens that retail with an inbuilt fan that can circulate hot air inside the toaster oven, this BLACK+DECKER TO1760SS has been designed with a natural convection technology, which means that it’s interior itself has been designed to circulate hot air.
  • The appliance also boasts a spacious interior that can fit four artisan bread slices, a 9” pizza, or a wide array of other snacks. And when you couple that with its 30-minute timer, you have one of the best reliable toaster ovens in the market today.

Notable features:

  • Comes with a rack and pan
  • Has been fitted with a 30-minute timer
  • Compact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile
  • Spacious interior

Electric Toaster Oven #4:

  • If you’re willing to sacrifice some space to fit this unit, then you’re in luck because Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven is one of the best durable toaster ovens I’ve ever come across (and I’ve reviewed a lot of toaster ovens over the years.)
  • Three years ago, I gifted this model to my sister in law as a wedding gift and to this day, she says the appliance has never run into any issues. Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven has also been made of materials of the highest quality to reinforce its sturdiness.
  • In the cooking department, it boasts an Air Fryer setting that’ll allow it to fry your meals using air instead of oil. This lets you enjoy the deliciousness and deep-fried crispiness of your favorite meals without putting your health on the line. The product has also been fitted with six different cooking settings to improve its versatility. These settings include air fry, bake, warm, broil, toast, and convection bake.
  • Also, depending on the meal you’re preparing, use the temperature adjustment and timer knobs to set the preferred settings you think will deliver the best results. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re cooking a new meal, you’re not familiar with, I recommend you start with a lower temperature. That way, if the meal comes out and it’s undercooked, you can simply place it back and cook it some more. But if you set a higher temperature level and the meal comes out overcooked, there won’t be anything you can do about. Here is a detailed guide on how to bake using a toaster oven.
  • What’s more? When your meal is ready and the timer runs down, the appliance will automatically shut off and keep your food warm until you’re ready to retrieve it from the oven. For added safety, the unit will also automatically shut off when you open the door during operations.
  • In addition to that, the package you’ll receive from Amazon will also include additional accessories intended to make your work in the kitchen easier. These include a removable crumb tray, an air fry basket, a flat wire rack, and a broiling pan. The removable crumb tray is in place to help make the appliance easy to clean. And when combined with its dishwasher safe quality and the non-stick interior walls, you have yourself one of the best easy to clean toaster ovens in the market today.
  • To top it off, it has been backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is to show you that the company has faith in the product they’re selling you.

Notable features:

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fast
  • Easy to clean
  • Will auto shut off when your meal is ready
  • Very versatile
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Exterior surface remains cool to the touch during operation

Electric Toaster Oven #5:

  • If you live alone or you are looking for the best compact toaster oven that’ll fit on a small space on your kitchen counter, then allow me to introduce you the Maxi-Matic ETO-224. This masterpiece also doubles up as a 2-slice toaster.
  • The product boasts a clear see-through door that’ll allow you to monitor your meal’s cooking progress without having to open the door and letting the hot air out from the toaster oven. The unit also comes with a 15-minute timer, auto shut off feature, and a ready bell signal to notify you when the meal is ready for consumption.

Notable features:

  • Has a power indicator light
  • Delivers evenly cooked meals
  • Looks aesthetic on the kitchen counter
  • Exterior surface is cool to the touch
  • Powerful for its size


I hope this detailed guide has helped you pick the best electric toaster oven that will serve your household over the next couple of years. It took around two weeks to come up with the final list, so I’d be really disappointed if it didn’t meet your needs and requirements.

That said, if you’re torn between two or more appliances from the list, allow me to chip in once again and offer my suggestion. From the list above, I’d pick the Cuisinart AirFryer as my favorite electric toaster oven. It’s easy and safe to use around children, allows you to fry without oil, comes with an auto shut-off feature, and durable. It’s undeniably one of the best high-end toaster ovens I’ve ever come across.

And what will be the best electric toaster oven in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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