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The 5 Best Cool Touch Toaster Ovens Today: Buyers’ Guide in 2021

Best cool touch toaster oven

Are you looking for a modern, reliable alternative to your full-sized traditional oven? Then you have come to the right place.

And while microwaves have their place, they do not always deliver the most pleasing results when it comes to entrees – which is another reason why toaster ovens are perfect fit for any households.

Energy-efficient, convenient, and safe to use around children, the best modern toaster ovens can easily handle most tasks usually carried out by standard-sized ovens. And thanks to the fact most of them retail with convection settings that eliminate the need of preheat, they also cook fast and save you some cash in the long term in terms of the energy bill.

What’s more? Due to their compact nature, these appliances are also a brilliant choice for small kitchens, micro-apartments without kitchens, tiny homes, cabins, and dorm rooms.

Without further ado, here are the best 5 cool touch toaster ovens you can get today.

The Top 5 Best Cool Touch Toaster Ovens in 2021

Toaster Oven NameWeightTimerDimensionsSlicePrice
Oster Toaster Oven20.3 lbsYes16.3 x 19.7 x 11.3 in4 Check Price
6-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven11.4 lbsYes15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 in6 Check Price
Toaster Oven Broiler14.69 lbsYes16 x 18.5 x 10.75 in4 Check Price
Air Fryer Toaster Oven29.9 lbsYes20 x 20 x 17.5 in4 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER Countertop Toaster Oven12 lbsYes13 x 11.25 x 17.25 in6 Check Price

Cool Touch Toaster Oven #1:

  • If you’ve been following my posts, then you know that I like starting my reviews on a high note: and what better to do that in today’s enumeration than with a masterpiece from one of the most reputable kitchen brands in the world.
  • Oster has been around for more than a century, and for most of that period, they’ve created a positive reputation for their ability to combine futuristic settings and retro designs for all their kitchen appliances. This work of art is no exception.
  • It’s fast, easy to use, powerful, versatile, and its design allows it to blend in seamlessly with any kitchen interior décor.

Notable features:

  • Has a spacious interior
  • Comes with a durable baking pan and removable crumb tray
  • Fitted with a convection technology
  • The exterior surface remains cool to the touch
  • Easy to clean

Cool Touch Toaster Oven #2:

  • We both know that kitchen appliances’ review would be incomplete without a unit from Hamilton Beach. But what does this model have to offer specifically? Well, for starters, its door opens up and out of the way to prevent messy drips and spills.
  • And when you couple that with the fact it also comes with a removable crumb tray, you have one of the best easy to clean toaster ovens. It has also been constructed using materials of the highest quality to ensure its durability and sturdiness.
  • As a true testament to its sturdiness, I have to tell you that mine fell from my one-meter high kitchen counter and that didn’t affect any of its functions.

Notable features:

  • Compact to save on space
  • Delivers even results
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Feet are anti-skid
  • Has a spacious interior

Cool Touch Toaster Oven #3:

  • This 1800-watts cool touch toaster oven has a spacious interior that can accommodate 6 artisan bread slices or an 11” pizza. Functions fitted in the appliance include keep warm, pizza, broil, bake, bagel, and toast. My favorites from these settings are the bagel and warm settings.
  • The bagel setting will only toast the cut side of your bagel slices whereas the warm setting will allow you to reheat your leftover meals in less than 30 seconds. That comes in handy when you’re getting home from work and tired and don’t feel like preparing an entire meal.

Notable features:

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Very powerful
  • Designed to ensure even cooking
  • Very versatile

Cool Touch Toaster Oven #4:

  • If you’re looking for the best cool touch toaster oven that can also double up as one of the best commercial toaster ovens, then this Instant Pot Omni Plus Toaster Oven could be what you’re looking for. I have several friends who use the same model in their restaurants and when I reached out to them to enquire about its performance, they all pointed out that they’ve been using it for years without running into any issues.
  • The unit has been constructed using material of the highest quality to improve its durability. Add to that the fact the surface has also been perfectly insulated to ensure hot air does not escape from the appliance, while at the same time protecting you in case you come into contact with the toaster oven while it’s in operation.
  • It has also been fitted with 11 different smart programs to improve its versatility and allow you to handle anything you throw in it. These settings include reheat, proof, slow cook, broil, bake, roast, toast, dehydrate, and air fry. At the end of the day, if you have leftovers and you’d like to consume before going to bed, simply put them inside this masterpiece and activate the reheat setting. Your leftovers will be perfectly warm in less than 30 seconds.
  • In regard to cleaning, the appliance is one of the easiest to clean toaster ovens. The appliance comes with a removable crumb tray that you can easily slide out and dispose of any collected crumbs. If you’re not familiar with toaster ovens, the removable crumb tray is a part of the tool in regular toasters and ovens used to collect dirt and debris from cooked meals.
  • For a guide on how to deep clean the inside of a toaster oven, here is a detailed guide.
  • Another feature of the Instant Pot Omni Plus Toaster Oven worth noting is its consistency and spacious interior. When the product arrived from Amazon, I used it to toast 60 artisan bread slices back to back. Needless to say, the last slice to go into the appliance came out just as delicious as the first one to go in.
  • In terms of space, the unit can fit up to 6 artisan bread slices at the same time, roast a whole chicken, make a cake, or bake a 12” pizza. Depending on the meal you’re preparing, make sure you use the right accessory – the package will include five additional accessories, like a rotisserie lift, rotisserie forks and spits, air fryer basket, cooking pan, and oven rack.

Notable features:

  • Comes with a removable crumb tray to make it easy to clean
  • Has been fitted with 11 different cooking programs
  • The exterior surface remains cool to the touch during operations
  • Easy to operate even for beginners
  • The power cord is sufficiently long
  • Has a digital display
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The last, but by no means the least, cool touch toaster oven in our review is Euro-Pro TO140L Straight out of the box, you’ll notice the standard design. But don’t let that fool you into thinking the appliance cannot deliver in the cooking department.
  • The appliance retails with a 60-minute timer, a ready bell signal, and an auto shut off feature. This implies you can put your meal inside the appliance and go on with other tasks (like folding your clothes) and rest assured that the appliance will automatically shut off when your meal is ready (and avoid overcooking.)
  • That said, if you’re cooking a new meal, then I suggest you start by setting a lower timeframe. This way, if the meal comes out and it’s not sufficiently cooked, then you can simply put it back into the appliance and cook it for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you set a higher time frame and the food gets overcooked, there won’t be a lot you can do.

Notable features:

  • Comes with accessories like a removable crumb tray, wire rack, and bake tray
  • Has been fitted with a 60-minute timer, ready signal, and auto shut off
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Feet are 100% anti-skid
  • The exterior surface remains cool to the touch during operations
  • Very compact
  • Lightweight and durable


There you have it: my detailed guide of the best cool touch toaster ovens in the market today. If you’ve found a unit that you think will meet your toasting needs and requirements, then I urge you to head to Amazon’s page and place an order while stock lasts.

However, if you are still torn and having a hard time making a final decision, I’m still here to help you out. If I were to choose from the list above, I would pick the Instant Pot Omni Plus Toaster Oven as the best cool touch toaster oven.

If it’s good enough to serve restaurants, then you can rest assured it won’t have any issues serving your household.

And what will be the best cool touch toaster oven in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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