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Panini Press Hacks: A Professional Guide.

Panini press hacks

Who doesn’t want to prepare the perfect Panini sandwich? We’re always craving for the best ones, of course, and this includes both in taste and appearance. This explains why we feel so disappointed whenever we do not come up with the percent Panini.

It greatly helps if you already own one of the best Panini makers sitting on your kitchen counter. But then, we can all agree that this isn’t remotely enough. It’s definitely a must that you also master the simple tips and tricks that contribute to the perfect result in the end, and that is exactly what we will be looking at today. We’re going to look at 10 Panini Press hacks you (probably) didn’t know existed.

Without further ado, let us jump right into it.

Sufficiently Preheat your Panini maker

Are you at times disappointed to receive a comment that your Panini isn’t evenly or properly cooked? For that, are there portions of the Panini sandwich that seem to be uncooked or undercooked?

In these cases, it’s possible that you did not preheat your Panini maker press sufficiently. The easiest and straightforward way to correct this is to ensure that the next time you’re preparing the delicacy, you will connect your machine to a power source and sufficiently heat it up for several minutes before cooking your first batch of Panini sandwiches.

Another thing that might contribute to unevenly and partially uncooked areas might be just that the sandwich you prepared was too thick. Next time, prepare just the right thickness.

Do not use a lot of oil

I do not know about you, but I hate holding overly oily sandwiches because that ends up messing up everything (from my table and handles to everything I come into contact with after that.) To avoid that, use just the right amount of margarine, butter, or olive oil.

Greens go last

Would you love to include lettuce in your Panini sandwiches? If you cannot have them wilt during the grilling process, then I have a great solution that may come in handy – and that is, stick them in last. Start by grilling your sandwich, then before it’s completely cooked, insert anything that you would like to keep leafy. These include cilantro, arugula, spinach, and lettuce.

Panini press hacks

Host a Panini Party

Are you just getting started in the Panini realm and would like to gauge yourself to know if you are improving? Then you will be pleased to know that the best way to confirm whether your Panini sandwiches are hitting the mark is to test them out on family and friends.

Acquire a wide selection of fillings and pieces of bread, fire up your grill, and then do your best. At times, you can even let your guests create their own Panini combinations. This is my favorite way to get some new ideas I didn’t knew before.

Are your fillings falling out?

I’m confident you get really frustrated or downright irritated, whenever your Panini sandwiches do not come out from your grill together in one aesthetic peace. Instead, everything seems to fall out.

Well, one possible reason for this is that you may be putting too much stuffing into your sandwich. If you enjoy laying in too many ingredients, one after another inside your Paninis, then do not be surprised when your sandwich becomes a gargantuan meal ready to start crumbling to earth.

Prevent this from happening by going easy on the fillings. My trick is usually an egg omelet, two or three types of cold cuts, a few vegetable slices, and dressing.

Another reason your Panini sandwiches just cannot seem to hold their fillings in is ‘you’re not using sufficient cheese.’ Do not leave out cheese as an ingredient while preparing your sandwich. This ingredient is an effective and perfect binder that will hold together everything that you place in your sandwich.

Panini press hacks

Use a straight-edged knife while cutting

If like me, you love cutting your sandwiches so they can look aesthetic on your plate, then ensure you use a sharp, straight-edged knife instead of a serrated one. This will, in turn, ensure a smooth separation for your finished Panini sandwiches.

Keep the round tops turned in

If you try grilling round-topped sandwich pieces of bread such as baguettes, you will usually find that it can be a huge challenge keeping them from rolling and spilling out your Panini’s contents. The answer to this puzzling dilemma is turning the round-topped bread inside out such that the flat surfaces are the ones making contact with your grill.

Genius, isn’t it?

Be very careful with wet ingredients

None of us love soggy sandwiches. Most of the best fillings we usually enjoy on non-grilled (regular) sandwiches such as juicy meats and tomatoes might not be great candidates for Paninis if crispiness is your goal.

Does this imply that these fillings are completely out of the equation? Well, definitely not. You just need to find ways to contain the excessive moisture, such as removing seeds from your tomatoes and adding breadcrumbs to fish slices.

Go for crunchiness

What do you think separates regular sandwiches from Panini sandwiches? It’s none other than the grilling. Bread that has been grilled is the hallmark of Panini, so make the most of it by brushing melted butter or olive oil on top of your bread for a crostini-like crunch.

If you’d like to save a few calories, then some experts recommend spraying butter-flavored cooking sprays.

Panini press hacks

Experiment with a wide array of fillings and bread types

Simply because Paninis originated in Italy does not mean that you need to limit yourself to mozzarella, focaccia, or other Italian ingredients. And this includes savory ingredients as well. The general rule of thumb is, ‘if it has got fillings and bread and has been prepared on a grill, then it is a Panini sandwich.”

With that in mind, feel free to try dessert recipes and pieces of bread such as biscuits and pita. Fillings such as apples and mango salsa can also end up blowing your mind.


Do you have other tips that you think can help one prepare the most delicious Panini sandwiches? If yes, then I’d like to know about them and I’d really be honored if you shared them in the comment section below. If, however, you’ve never prepared these delicacies before but would like to try them, then I urge you to get one of these best Panini grills and use this recipe to get started yourself.

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