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The 5 Best Panini Grill Makers: Top Rated Models in 2022

Best panini grill maker

I do not know about you, but I hate leaving the comfort of my home to go to a café just to enjoy a comforting, warm Panini sandwich. Nowadays, as long as I have the best Panini grill maker, veggies, deli meat, cheese, and bread, I can whip out some of the most delicious sandwiches in my home’s kitchen.

And if you think that finding the best Panini grill maker is a hassle, think again. To take away that hurdle from your way, I went out and spent days researching and testing the 30 best Panini grill makers out there today. I then shortlisted the products and came up with an ultimate guide that I’ll be presenting to you today. This means that all you ought to do now is go through the list and pick the unit you think will best meet your needs and requirements. And in case you do not know how to prepare a restaurant-level sandwich, then I have got you covered on that end as well.

Check out this guide that I recently created on how to cook a Panini sandwich.

The Top 5 Best Panini Grill Makers in 2022

Panini Maker NameWeightDimensionsPrice
Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press5.75 lbs11.61 x 12.64 x 4.53 in Check Price
Chefman Panini Press Grill6.35 lbs13.5 x 12 x 5.25 in Check Price
4 Slice Panini Press Grill4.29 lbs12.5 x 4.8 x 10.3 in Check Price
Panini Maker2.3 lbs13.9 x 12.3 x 6 in Check Price
2-in-1 Panini Press7.92 lbs5.27 x 12.53 x 12.53 in Check Price

Panini Grill Maker #1:

  • Do you have a loved one’s birthday party or wedding coming up, and you’re looking for a Panini grill maker that also qualifies as the best gift option? If yes, this Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press could be precisely what you’re looking for.
  • The product retails in three different colors: red, stainless steel, and the chrome finish that you can see in the image above. This allows you to get the appliance in the recipient’s favorite color. If you are getting the unit for yourself, you can also get it in a shade that best complements your kitchen’s interior décor.
  • As the image above shows, the unit has also been fitted with a floating lid that’ll adjust to your sandwich’s thickness (extra thick or extra thin.) This will enable you to use as many fillings as you like without having to worry about spillages.
  • Storing the unit after use won’t be a hassle either, thanks to the ability to store it upright.

Notable features:

  • Retails from a reputable brand
  • Upright storage allows it to save kitchen counter space
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Boasts a floating hinge
  • The feet are anti-skid on wet surfaces
  • Very powerful

Panini Grill Maker #2:

  • I first came across this unit while working on a guide on the best durable Panini grill makers. While the unit did not make the cut in that guide, it did perform so exceptionally that I promised myself that I’d always include it when working on guides where I thought it would fit.
  • For starters, the unit retails with a 1-year assurance, provided by the manufacturer. This not only allows you to invest in the product worry-free, but it also backs up the claim that the appliance is super reliable. This Chefman Panini Press Grill is also UL-approved with advanced safety technology.
  • The 1000 watts of power the unit delivers should be able to handle anything your home throws in it. Cleaning the unit shouldn’t be a hassle either. All you’ll need to do is take out the non-stick plates, empty their contents into a sink or bin, and wipe it off using a damp cloth. For thorough cleaning sessions, check out this guide I recently created on how to clean a Panini grill maker.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful
  • Backed by a one-year assurance
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Ideal for small kitchen spaces
  • It retails in two different models

Panini Grill Maker #3:

  • Are you tired of leaving your home with an empty stomach or in a hurry because your breakfast took too long to prepare? Allow me to introduce you to one of the fastest Panini grill makers out there today – the iSiLER Panini Maker.
  • During my test sessions, this unit delivered some of the most delicious sandwiches in less than ten minutes. In all honesty, the sandwiches this unit delivered were way tastier than some I’ve prepared using SLOW Panini grill makers.
  • Its top cooking plate can also be flattened 180 degrees back and create dual grilling plates. This makes the unit versatile enough to prepare anything, including grilling burgers, vegetables, Paninis, sandwiches, steaks, burgers, and more.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful
  • Thermostat control and safety
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safe to use around children
  • Very versatile

Panini Grill Maker #4:

  • I want to take this opportunity and mention a feature that’s available in all products in this guide, including this one, and that’s the cool to the touch exterior. If you do not know what that means, it simply means that regardless of how long you use your appliance, you can rest assured that the exterior surfaces won’t get hot one bit. That should protect everyone in your home from any injuries. Note though; the cooking plates will still be hot during and after use. So, when you’re done cooking your delicacy, kindly close the unit, and store it in a spot that will be hard to reach for the children.
  • Sunbeam CKSBPM5020 Panini Maker has also been fitted with 1200 watts of power that allow it to handle anything your family desires. Couple that with the product’s high-quality heating elements, and you have one of the most reliable Panini grill makers.

Notable features:

  • Very powerful
  • Boasts a floating hinge system
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact and portable
  • Non-stick coating all over

Panini Grill Maker #5:

  • Are you all about uniqueness and are looking for a unit that will leave everyone who walks into your kitchen in awe? If that sounds like you, let me introduce you to the NutriChef 2-in-1 Panini Press.
  • As the product’s image above shows, the improved NutriChef’s electric griddle with a Press grill will allow you to make your favorite meals and Panini sandwiches extremely fast. The appliance is great for cooking breakfast classics, including, but not limited to pancakes, bacon, and eggs.
  • To ensure that the unit is sufficiently durable and can keep serving your family for years to come, the manufacturer has also designed it using die-cast aluminum.

Notable features:

  • The feet are anti-skid even on wet surfaces
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Retails from a reputable brand
  • Extremely powerful
  • Has an integrated oil tray


After spending days researching, reviewing, and testing Panini grill makers to come up with the list above, I pick the Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press as my favorite Panini grill maker at the moment. During my test sessions that lasted hours, the unit remained consistent with its delicious results until I finished the process.

And what will be the best Panini Grill Maker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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